Why Does Nezuko Not Talk in Demon Slayer?

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Why Does Nezuko Not Talk in Demon Slayer?

When Nezuko became a demon, how she acts and what she looks like changed. One of the changes that viewers noticed is that Nezuko does not talk anymore.

This is quite weird considering that other demons can talk freely. Does it have something to do with the bamboo in her mouth?

After the brutal massacre of the Kamado household, Tanjiro wanted to take revenge. He also discovered that the only survivor was Nezuko, and she has been turned into a demon.


He vowed to make Nezuko human again and asked for help from people. Is the “help” they received got to do with why she can’t speak?

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Why Does Nezuko Not Talk in Demon Slayer?

Why Does Nezuko Not Talk?
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It is a known fact that demons eat humans to survive. This is why innocent lives are taken whenever there is a demon around.


When Nezuko attacked Tanjiro, he had a hard time controlling her. It was because of Giyuu that she was able to calm down. He was the one who gave her the bamboo muzzle, which affected her way of speaking.

The objective of the bamboo muzzle is to prevent Nezuko from attacking humans. It is an added layer of defense once she gets feral or hungry. It is also used to hide her fangs from the world.

Tanjiro wanted to make his sister be human again and for people to help them out, he tried his best to hide her true identity.

The bamboo was placed by Giyuu after Nezuko was knocked out from their encounter. He then advised the siblings to go to Sensei Urodokai to help them out.

Urodokai helped Nezuko change her perspective of humans and think of them like family to keep her from harming anyone.

It was a shame that Nezuko doesn’t speak in the series, except during flashbacks when she was a human. But it was her inability to talk and her bamboo muzzle that made her stand out from other anime waifus.

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