Deadpool 3 Major Plot and Cameo Spoilers Reportedly Revealed

It’s no secret that Deadpool films absolutely adore major cameos from the X-Men franchise. However, now that Deadpool 3 is crossing over to the MCU, expanding the fandom the titular anti-hero could be meta about, a new MCU report details on major plot spoilers and major cameos set to appear in the threequel.

Major MCU Cameos Appearing in Deadpool 3

You think Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine working alongside Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool is already amazing, how much more if we get to see more X-Men cameos and one of Marvel’s upcoming reboots? According to @GeekNews21, reputable scooper The Cosmic Circus, claims that Fantastic Four is set to appear in the threequel!

A number of these major cameos also includes Hulk facing off with Wolverine, along with the TVA's Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and Mobius (Owen Wilson).

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Apart from the major cameos, if you aren’t up-to-date, Jackman recently revealed a potential spoiler for his Wolverine role. Apparently, he will be playing more than one role in Deadpool 3. While there are speculations on what other roles he could possibly play, with the money on Wolverine and Logan variants, the same source claims that 3 Wolverines are bound to meet their death.

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Potential Deadpool 3 Plot Spoilers Ahead

While nothing has been confirmed yet, it’s quite fascinating how Deadpool 3 is turning out to be. We’ve been informed that Deadpool 3 transferring to Marvel Studios is already a huge deal, and there is no question as to why his threequel would be bound in multiverse-traveling, and this rumor pretty much confirms that they will be traveling to the other universes, where Jackman could potentially play his other Wolverine variants.

Seeing as this is a superhero film, a villain shouldn’t be far off from debuting on-screen, and this case, Deadpool and Wolverine are facing up against Lady Deadpool, who is the female counterpart of Deadpool named Wanda Wilson. Wanda comes from an alternate reality called Earth-3010, who Wade Wilson from Earth-616 meets upon his attempt of trying to return to his homeland.

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Now, with the involvement of multiverse jumping, there is also speculation on the TVA, along with Loki and Mobius, returning to the MCU, too!

This is a lot to take in, and while Marvel has yet to announce the official storyline, every detail lines up perfectly with what we’ve been hearing so far. Stay tuned on EpicStream for more updates on this story!

Marvel Studios’ Deadpool 3 is currently slated to premiere on November 8, 2024.

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