Euphoria Star Reportedly Cast As Spider-Woman in Madame Web

Marvel Studios’ Madame Web news may have all been speculations and rumors for now, however, at least the casting for the Julia Carpenter version role of Spider-Woman is more or less nearly confirmed by Sony itself. Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney has reportedly landed the role!

Industry insider Jeff Sneider revealed on The Hot Mic that Sydney Sweeney will be playing “the second” Spider-Woman role, which is the Julia Carpenter version. The news was first reported by The Cosmic Circus back in August 2022, and while this information has yet to be confirmed by Sony Pictures, it would seem that the resurfaced rumor is now gradually coming true.

In the Marvel comic books, the character Julia Carpenter first appeared in the original Secret Wars comic back in 1984, in which she was experimented on using spider and plant DNA, which eventually led to her Spider-Woman powers and abilities. The upcoming Madame Web is also set to star Dakota Johnson, Emma Roberts, Isabel Merced, and Adam Scott.

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It is worth noting that Madame Web is a part of Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, which could potentially crossover with Sony’s Venom, and the three Spider-Men (including Tom Holland’s), as well.

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Plans on how Madame Web or Sydney Sweeney crossing over to their future in the MCU has been tight-lipped, however, in the comics, Madame Web not only mentored Peter Parker on his web-slinging abilities, but numerous others. There’s also the fact that Spider-Woman is a genetically-identical clone of Spider-Man, but created as biologically female.

It would be interesting to see how Sweeney takes her role to the screen, and soon be involved in the MCU and its multiverse. But seeing how her most prominent role as Cassie from HBO’s Euphoria has definitely brought her to fame due to her excellent performance, there is no doubt she, too, will bring the second Spider-Woman role to life as soon as Sony confirms it.

Madame Web is set to be released on February 16, 2024.

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