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Criminal Minds: Evolution: Here’s How the Show Could Possibly Set Reid’s Return

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Criminal Minds: Evolution Episode 4, titled Pay-Per-View, may have hinted at how Dr. Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) may return to the series, though it may not be the best way possible.

The BAU has reassembled to investigate the case of Elias Voit (Zach Gilford) and his network of serial killers. Sadly, the team doesn’t get the help of Reid this time, but his potential return may soon happen in Criminal Minds: Evolution Episode 4.

Dr. Reid’s Possible Criminal Minds: Evolution Return

The show started with Deputy Director Bailey (Nicholas D'Agosto) confirming Reid was working on a different cast, so he wasn’t with him.

This just leaves the door open for Gubler’s return to the show when his schedule finally permits him. For starters, the actor couldn’t make it to the series due to the conflicting schedule.

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However, it looks like the show’s narrative has already set how Reid may return to the fold by making a last-minute reveal about Wil (Josh Stewart), JJ’s (A.J. Cook) husband.

Wil found out he might have cancer, which might affect JJ’s story in the rest of the series and pave the way for Reid’s return.

If Wil dies, then JJ and Reid may continue their romance, set in the original CBS series.

JJ, Reid’s Romance

For starters, Reid and JJ used to work together for the longest time as BAU members in the original Criminal Minds.

From co-workers, they became the best of friends. However, ScreenRant noted this storyline is quite divisive the way it was executed.

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No one saw it coming, given that JJ had been married to Wil for years.

Though Reid admitted to having a crush on JJ, the show just dropped this storyline, and their romance didn’t even blossom.

Despite that, they have remained friends. So, if he learns about Wil’s situation, Reid may try to reach out to JJ and show his support. He may even try to console her.

From there, Reid may return to the show, even just as a guest star.

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Criminal Minds: Evolution Episode 5 will be out on Thursday, December 15.

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