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Criminal Minds: Evolution: Fans to See Different Emily Prentiss, Dr. Tara Lewis

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Fans and stars alike are excited about the upcoming Criminal Minds: Evolution. After being away from the spotlight following Season 15's ending in 2020, viewers are about to see a different Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster) and Dr. Tara Lewis (Aisha Tyler).

Criminal Minds: Evolution will be set in the pandemic as the BAU adjusts to its new normal after the group's separation. Now, they'll be working together again to face another unsub (Zach Gilford), a killer who goes on a crime spree through an interconnected serial-killing network.

New Tara and Prentiss in Criminal Minds: Evolution

In an interview with TVLine, Tyler and A.J. Cook revealed how the revamped series' characters had changed since the original Criminal Minds ended.

Tyler revealed that Tara has been out of the fields in the last few years. Hence, she will also assist the BAU in its every day ask, in addition to her forensic psychologist work.

Alternatively, Cook claimed fans are about to see a new side of Prentiss in Criminal Minds: Evolution.

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Compared to before, Brewster's character no longer lets her emotions affect her judgment and is now bolder and more confident in herself.

"I call her Prentiss 2.0," she said. "I really love this streaming version of her. There's this sass there, and the confidence which exuded from her is really impressive."

Missing Criminal Minds Key Players

Fans won't see the major Criminal Minds players Daniel Henney and Matthew Gray Gubler.

Henney is now busy as the lead actor for Prime Video's The Wheel of Time, while Gubler chose not to return to the series.

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However, executive producer Erica Messer revealed that their characters would still be part of Criminal Minds: Evolution.

In fact, their absence will be directly addressed in the upcoming premiere episode.

"They're acknowledged as they're off on assignment," Joe Mantegna, who plays the role of Rossi in the series, said, via E! News.

"Matthew and Daniel's characters' desks are still out there with their name tags on it, and their tchotchkes, the way that it happens after a pandemic shut everything down [and] everyone left the office," Brewster added.

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Despite their absence, Criminal Minds: Evolution will remain their door open for the two.

"I have a feeling we may not have seen the last of those two," Mantegna teased.

The first two episodes of Criminal Minds: Evolution will drop on Thanksgiving Day on November 24 on Paramount+.

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