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The Walking Dead Series Finale Hints at the Beginning of Rick, Michonne’s Story in their Upcoming Spinoff

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The Walking Dead series finale has paved the way for the upcoming spinoff, Rick and Michonne. Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Michonne (Danai Gurira) appeared in the final episode, hinting at the beginning of their new story as they were looking for each other.

Showrunner Scott Gimple teased the tale about Rick and Michonne that would be seen in the upcoming The Walking Dead spinoff, Rick and Michonne. After Rick surrendered to CRM and Michonne bravely faced a herd of zombies, would they finally see each other?

The Beginning of Rick and Michonne Story

In an interview with Deadline, Gimple talked about Rick and Michonne’s unexpected return in the series finale, teasing the story that would be told in their own show.

“We’ve been working on that story for like a long time, and we knew we knew each episode,” he said. “And those episodes are turning out pretty much towards what we planned them to be, and I really wanted to stress that we did that together.”

The EP saw it as the right moment to begin the story that they were about to tell.

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“To get to that point or to be able to tell that story that we were telling in The Walking Dead, which is the way that you continue on through hardship is from the strength that you have drawn from all the people that you’ve known and love,” he explained. “So, we have the story pretty well down. We just were like, okay, what point works with what Angela and I are hoping to say. Yeah.”

Angela Kang is Gimple’s co-showrunner.

“I mean, luckily those worlds you see are built out. We’re not telling you much in this. And in fact, I was really hoping not to,” he continued. “I wanted what they were saying to not overshadow what people were seeing as far as I didn’t want it to serve as a tease for the next thing, but rather a necessary view into the circumstances they’re in to get across the story that we’re getting across, which is the thing that keeps them going is the family that they have.”

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Rick and Michonne’s Journey

Michonne left the series’ 10th season, joining a group of travelling survivors to find Rick. However, when she returned to The Walking Dead series finale, she was already alone, had a new outfit, and was riding a horse.

Her final scene in the finale showed a flashback to when she saw the convoy of survivors as she started to ride toward a massive herd of walkers.

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Rick, on the other hand, was rescued and captured by the CRM in Season 9. But he had become a fugitive who fought against the group in his series finale appearance.

However, he had a phone with a carving of Michonne and a grown-up Judith, indicating that he had an ally in the CRM who knew he had a family in Virginia.

So, based on Gimple’s comments, Rick and Michonne might explore their journey as they try to find each other. The spinoff series is expected to be out in 2023.

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