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Stranger Things Season 5: Eleven May Need to Kill Will to Defeat Vecna

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Fans may see the death of Will (Noah Schnapp) at the hands of Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) due to the latter’s connection to the Upside Down, specifically Vecna (Jamie Campbell Bower), in Stranger Things Season 5.

The previous season finale teased that Will felt the Upside Down’s presence seeping through Hawkins. This just hints at his connection to the alternate world in Stranger Things Season 5, and he may be the key to Vecna’s defeat, though it may also result in his own demise.

The Possible Death of Will

According to ScreenRant, Will can sense Vecna through a psychic connection, and the villain may use it o control Will.

Sure, the group may track Vecna through him, but the villain may also find them using his connection to Will.

This may make him a liability to his friends, so Will may just decide to sacrifice himself to save them.

Eleven may also be forced to stop this connection between the two, and she may be left with no choice but to kill her friend to weaken Vecna.

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It’s also possible that if Vecna dies, Will may die in Stranger Things Season 5 due to their connection.

Eleven may Kill Will

Eleven is seen as the number one choice to kill Will due to her powers and relationship with the youngest Byers, making Stranger Things Season 5 more emotional.

The two have developed a sibling-like relationship after the Byers family adopted her following Hopper’s (David Harbour) disappearance in the Season 3 finale.

So if Eleven ever kills Will, her anger will boost her strength, making her more powerful and giving her the ability she needs to defeat Vecna.

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So, how will it happen?

Will is known for being the group’s strategist, so there may be a battle of wits between the two. He may be the trump card the group will use if they can’t find a way to bring Vecna down.

Well, he will never gain his Dungeons & Dragons name, Will the Wise, for nothing, and they may use this to their advantage in their final fight against Vecna.

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After being on the sideline in the previous seasons, it may only be fitting that Will will be the center of the series again, as everything began with his disappearance in the Upside Down in the first season.

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