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Famous Cosplayer Amazes as Yor Forger on Live Japanese TV

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Since the anime aired, Yor cosplays have become a common sight online and at conventions. But now, Japan’s queen of cosplay, Enako, has decided that it’s her turn to become Yor Forger in her latest TV appearance.

On February 1, Enako was among the celebrity guests of the day’s Honma Dekka!? episode on Fuji TV.

There, guests shared their foremost manga recommendations with viewers, though it was only Enako in full costume.

Enako: Japan’s Most Famous Cosplayer

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While there are many pro cosplayers in Japan, Enako is arguably the most popular one today.

Currently, she has over a million followers on Twitter and is a common presence in many anime promotions.

Enako first became popular in the early 2010s. In 2012, she debuted in the idol group Panache alongside two other cosplayers.

While the group disbanded in 2013, she soon resumed her cosplay activities.

Since then, Enako’s popularity has continuously risen in Japan. At this point, she is also among the most sought-after cosplayers for promotion.

For instance, Shueisha tapped her to cosplay as Roboco from the Shonen Jump manga series Me & Roboco for the manga’s recent promotion campaign.

Alongside her professional activities, she also streams on her personal YouTube channel from time to time.

Because of her popularity, Enako commands a high fee. She and her manager revealed back in January that she earns over JPY 200 million (around USD 1.5 million) per year through her cosplay activities. Though this is split between herself and her talent agency.

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Enako’s Yor Forger Cosplay

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Despite being one of the most popular characters of 2022, Enako has yet to cosplay Yor Forger.

Now though, she has finally donned the Thorn Princess' signature black dress in her TV appearance.

During the episode, she was asked about her manga recommendation. Instead of recommending Spy x Family though, she mentioned Confessions of a Brutal Murdering Police Officer – a surprisingly violent choice.

For those who couldn’t watch the episode, Enako shared a photo of herself as Yor on her Twitter account.

It quickly got attention and praise from fans, enough for it to reach over 46k likes in just one day.

Fans who want to see more of Yor Forger in real life will get a treat soon as the Spy x Family stage musical will begin in Tokyo this March.

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Source: Oricon

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