Garden: Yor’s Mysterious Assassination Group Explained

Yor Work for Spy x Family Garden

Yor Work for Spy x Family Garden

In Spy x Family, we learn a lot about Loid’s work for Westalis’ spy organisation WISE. However, very little is revealed about the group that Yor works for in Spy x Family.

Just like Loid, Yor receives her missions from a large, shadowy organisation. However, her group has different ambitions from WISE.

Note: Beware of mild spoilers from the Spy x Family manga that are yet to be addressed in the anime.

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Who are Garden? The Group Yor Works for in Spy x Family Revealed

Who Does Yor Work for in Spy x Family Garden
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It is revealed later in the Spy x Family story that Yor is part of a mysterious assassination group known as Garden.

Garden is a group of lethal assassins operating in Ostania. Very little is known about Garden, and they are usually regarded as an urban legend. However, they are very much real.

So far in the Spy x Family manga, not all members of Garden have been revealed. However, their individual abilities are legendary. It’s believed that just one of them – such as Yor – is strong enough to kill an entire military troop!

Is Yor's Garden on the Side of the East or West?

Does Yor Work for the Bad Guys in Spy x Family
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Garden is on the side of Ostania, the eastern nation in Spy x Family where much of the story is set.

It’s worth saying that Garden is different to the State Security Service (SSS), the Ostanian intelligence agency where Yor’s brother Yuri works. While the SSS is officially tied to the Ostanian government, Garden operates outside those parameters.

The main mission of Garden is not stopping a war, like with WISE. Instead, they exist purely to eliminate traitors and anyone that could threaten Ostania's peace – including Westalian spies like Twilight.

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Does that Mean Yor is the Bad Guy in Spy x Family?!

You don’t need to worry. While the ending of Spy x Family's manga is yet to be revealed, it’s highly unlikely that Yor is going to turn into the villain.

Yor joined Garden as a child, when she and Yuri were orphans, so she could provide for her brother.

She continues her work with them in the present so she has money to spend for herself, along with the fact that it’s all she’s ever known and utilises her physical strengths.

The manga has hinted at Yor considering leaving Garden and her assassination work since joining the Forgers.

It can also be debated whether Garden are the bad guys at all.

In the Cold War-inspired world of Spy x Family where covert operations run rife, Garden, like everyone else, is trying to maintain some semblance of peace. Everyone – WISE, SSS and Garden – is going about it their own way, often with complete distrust for the others.

Perhaps at some point in the future, Yor’s involvement with Garden will come to a turning point. We’ll just have to keep enjoying the series until then!

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