Here's the Reason Yor Is Called Thorn Princess in Spy x Family!

Why Is Yor’s Codename Thorn Princess in Spy x Family Yor Forger
Credit: Wit Studio, CloverWorks

Why Is Yor’s Codename Thorn Princess in Spy x Family Yor Forger
Credit: Wit Studio, CloverWorks

On the surface, Yor Forger looks and acts like any ordinary wife to Loid Forger and a stepmother to Anya Forger. She is clumsy, awkward, and timid, but when the situation calls for her to act accordingly, Yor turns into a killing machine. No one knows about her secret job except her handler, so Yor goes by the codename, Thorn Princess. But why?

Formerly known as Yor Briar, Yor Forger seems to be an ordinary clerk at Berlint City Hall.

What people don’t know is that she is also a Garden assassin hired to kill some of the most important men and women in the world.

She never thinks twice about killing her targets, making sure that she completes her job flawlessly.

So far, in the anime, we still don’t know the full scope of her job, aside from the fact that she gets information about her target and finishes her task immediately.

The Different Meanings of Yor's Codename, Thorn Princess

Yor Forger
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Credit: Wit Studio, CloverWorks

There are a lot of discussions about the translations behind Yor’s codename, Thorn Princess, one of which is Ibara-hime.

In Japanese, "Ibara" means thorns, and "Hime" means princess. When combined, it gives us Thorn Princess. Simple, right?

In Mandarin subtitles, Yor’s codename translates to Sleeping Beauty for some reason. Perhaps this angle is a nod to the forest of briars that surrounded Sleeping Beauty’s castle after she pricked her finger.

However, Sleeping Beauty doesn’t make an impact on fans considering how strong and badass Yor is. It is much better for Yor to use Thorn Princess since it makes much more sense in the lore of Spy x Family.

She fights in a beautiful black dress like a princess, with her needle-like weapons as her thorns, after all.

A Reddit user deduced that Tatsuya Endo might have been inspired by the word "Dornröschen", written by the Grimm Brothers in Germany.

"Dornen" means thorn, and "Roschen" means Florets. It is the original text for Sleeping Beauty, and after Japan translated it, they chose Thorn Princess.

So, Why Is Yor’s Codename Thorn Princess?

Why Is Yor’s Codename Thorn Princess Yor Forger
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Credit: Wit Studio, CloverWorks

While there is no official explanation yet from Spy x Family creator Tatsuya Endo, some fans assume that the reason Yor uses the codename "Thorn Princess" is because of the weapons she uses.

During her missions, Yor uses thorn-like weapons to get the job done. These slim cylindrical weapons look like awls.

To eliminate her target, she uses these weapons to thrash and stab them. At first glance, the weapons look like thorns which might explain her chosen name.

To complete her look, Yor wears a fitting black dress that showcases her cleavage and shoulders. She also wears a rose choker and some rose patterns to complement the “thorn” theme of her name.

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What Are Yor’s Strengths?

What are Yor’s Strengths Yor vs Loid
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Credit: Wit Studio, CloverWorks

As the Thorn Princess, Yor has shown a lot of strengths. An assassin’s job is not easy and requires immense strength for her to eliminate her target smoothly. This is why it isn't surprising that Yor has almost superhuman physical abilities.

She can pierce a human skull using her thorn, throw a ball to knock out trees, and even crush someone just by using her raw strength.

There was even an instance when she was able to graze Loid’s chin when no one had ever done that to him since he was a trainee.

Yor is also agile and fast. She can jump and land perfectly, even while wearing heels. She has also shown her remarkable quick reflexes, as seen in her missions and even at home.

Her durability and stamina are also unlike any other as she can withstand a gunshot wound and go home safely after.

Expectedly, Yor is also trained in hand-to-hand combat with her kicks as her biggest strength.

Her intelligence and intuition help her strategize the fastest and safest way to finish her job too. Her knowledge of the human body showcases how good she is at being an assassin as well.

The Thorn Princess also has a high tolerance for poison, which is helpful in her missions and line of work.

Overall, Yor is the perfect assassin, and her codename emphasizes the fact that she is not someone people should mess with.

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