Chris Evans’ Perfect Response to That Scandalous Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 Twist

Yesterday, it was revealed in an interview how the iconic superhero, Captain America, had been a villain all along. The major transformation takes place in the comics Captain America: Steve Rogers #1, and in the interview, the comics' creators, writer Nick Spencer and Marvel editor Tom Brevoort, explained why they created such a surprising twist.

In just hours, the revelation garnered such a huge and negative response from passionate fans all over the world that Spencer even received death threats for what he wrote.

Now, actor Chris Evans, who plays Captain America/Steve Rogers) in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has something to say about all that backlash.

He took to Twitter and said: "Hydra?!?!? #sayitaintso"

That's it. No long sentence or explanation about what that change means for comic book history.

The twist at the end of Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 broke tradition and generally the internet when it was revealed that Steve Rogers had been a Hydra plant after all.

Evans is joined by millions of Marvel fans learning about this apparent fact, and it is very understandable, especially to fans who looks up to the superhero and has been following his stories from 1941.

Now, as shocking as that turnaround was for me, I personally think it was quite ingenious. I also think it makes for a great shocker and a rich storyline for a follow-up Captain America movie. That said, for those who is outraged by this development, there is still hope for Cap to make his return to the good guys. After all, anything can happen and a lot of things could happen in the next issues of the comics.

The Captain America: Steve Rogers comics recently released is just the first issue after all.

What do you think about this twist?

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