Chainsaw Man Episode 2 Drops Epic Power Debut

It's finally time for Chainsaw Man Episode 2 and not surprisingly, it focuses on Denji getting a job as Public Safety Devil Hunter. This means meeting the other Devil Hunters he will be working with and naturally, that led to the explosive debut of the Fiend known as Power.

In Chainsaw Man Episode 2, Makima feeds Denji and confirms that Pochita is living inside of him. She claims this to be true because she can smell that he has both human and devil scents. Makima then brings Denji to the Tokyo HQ of the Public Safety Devil Hunters and introduces him to Aki Hayakawa, who will be working with Denji for the day.

Denji isn't happy about the situation since he wants to work with Makima. However, she assures him that he can work with her if he works hard.

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Interestingly, Aki isn't happy to be working with Denji either. When Aki asks what type of man Makima likes, Aki leads him to an alley and beats him up, ordering him to leave if he won't take the job seriously. Denji retaliates by kicking Aki in the balls and defends his inappropriate reason for being a Devil Hunter. As a fight ensues, Denji deduces that Aki also likes Makima.

When they return to report to Makima, she decides that they are perfectly matched despite their differences. She then reveals to Aki the truth about Denji being half Devil and urges him to take care of Denji in Aki's squad. This leads to Denji moving in with Aki.

We don't get to meet Power until the last few minutes of Chainsaw Man Episode 2 but she does know how to make an entrance. Makima decides to assign Power to Aki's squad and sends her on a task with Denji. As soon as she smells the Sea Cucumber Devil, Power races toward it and immediately kills it, laughing maniacally over a job well done.

This is just the first of more awesome Power moments in Chainsaw Man but it's certainly a fitting debut. With that in mind, we can't wait to see Power again next week.

Chainsaw Man Episode 2 is titled Arrival in Tokyo and is now streaming worldwide.

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