Chainsaw Man: Does Makima Actually Like Denji?

Chainsaw Man Does Makima Like Denji

Chainsaw Man Does Makima Like Denji

In Chainsaw Man, Makima was an ally of Denji. She took him in and made him her pet. She did everything she can to make his life happy to the point of giving him a purpose in life. Does that mean that Makima has feelings for Denji?

At the beginning of the series, Makima did a lot of things for Denji. She literally made his life better by saving him, taking care of him, and making companions for him.

She might seem to be like a mother figure until she started inviting him on dates and even letting him stay over at her place. These actions might signify her romantic feelings towards our protagonist.

Note: This article contains spoilers from the Chainsaw Man manga – read at your own risk.

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Does Makima Like Denji in Chainsaw Man?

Does Makima Actually Like Denji in Chainsaw Man?
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Unfortunately, Makima does not like Denji at all. When Denji thought she was showing kindness, she was actually treating him like a dog.

Her ultimate goal was to break the contract between Denji and Pochita. All the kindness that she showed him was an act, and she was just grooming him to be her pawn.

The twist is that Makima is infatuated with the entity inside Denji, which is the Chainsaw Man. She even admitted at some point that she was a huge admirer of the said entity and its power. She explained that it was because of this admiration that she wanted the entity to be out of Denji’s body.

As time went by, she became a low-key yandere towards Chainsaw Man as she became obsessed with the idea of him eating her. He would reject her, of course, as he thinks that her body is not edible enough to be eaten by him.

How Did Makima Treat Denji?

How Did Makima Treat Denji in Chainsaw Man?
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Earlier, it was mentioned that Makima’s kindness towards Denji was an act. She literally treated him like a dog and would not have second thoughts about euthanizing him if he decided to rebel against her.

At first, she would give him everything he wants, protect him from danger, and give him reasons to stay alive.

But it was later shown that she was actually abusing him mentally through gaslighting from his past behavior. She made his life happy before ruining it to the point that Denji became a broken slave under her wing.

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