Aki Hayakawa Trends as Chainsaw Man Fans Freak Out Over New Trailer

The new Chainsaw Man trailer is finally out and people are loving every second of the footage from the anime. Not surprisingly, it didn't take long before "Chainsaw Man" and its characters' names started trending on social media. However, Aki Hayakawa is the one character who is trending even more although he only appeared for a few seconds in the teaser!

In the new Chainsaw Man trailer, we get to see the main players in the upcoming MAPPA anime. There is new footage of Denji, Pochita, Makima, and Power. In addition to that, we got new glimpses at Aki Hayakawa including a shot where he has his hair down.

It's great enough to see the animated Aki Hayakawa without his top knot but we also get to hear him speak. All this, and the fact that Aki is being played by Shogo Sakata, has Chainsaw Man fans in a frenzy over the character and caused his name to trend on Twitter.

Some fans are a little confused but it's safe to say that everyone is loving Aki Hayakawa in the new trailer.

Aki Hayakawa is one of the main characters in Tatsuki Fujimoto's manga. In Chainsaw Man, Aki works as a Public Safety Devil Hunter working under Makima's squad. Like most Devil Hunters, he has a contract with the Fox Devil which allows him to summon its head. Aki also has a contract with the Curse Devil which allows him to use a lethal spike in exchange for his lifespan. Perhaps the best thing about Aki is his relationship with Denji and Power.

We certainly can't wait to meet Aki and the rest of the characters in Chainsaw Man. For now, the anime has been given an official release date. However, the series is already expected to premiere in October 2022.

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