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Chainsaw Man Chapter 119 Sees Nayuta's Explosive Part 2 Debut

Chainsaw Man Chapter 119 Nayuta Makima

She’s finally here! After 20 chapters, Nayuta has finally made her debut in Chainsaw Man Chapter 119. While she looks a bit different, her explosive first appearance in Part 2 thrilled fans.

At the end of Part 1, it was revealed that the Control Devil returned to Earth as a small kid named Nayuta.

While she’s still very much the Control Devil, Denji is given the chance to essentially raise her, so she has a meaningful connection.

Now, Nayuta has finally appeared, and her entrance will likely be one of the series’ memorable moments.

Spoiler Warning: There are Chainsaw Man Chapter 119 spoilers in this article.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 119 Story

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The chapter begins with Denji and Asa on their date at Denji’s apartment. He tells Asa about the three rules that she must follow if she doesn’t want to die when Nayuta comes back from her walk.

First, she mustn’t open any other apartment door. Second, she shouldn’t open the fridge. And third, she must not make out with Denji while Nayuta is there.

Asa balks at the third rule as she tells Denji she doesn’t even like him. Though she then says that Denji should stay away from her if he wants to live.

Before Denji can react, Yoru takes over and kisses Denji. Soon though, Nayuta makes her appearance, right in time to catch Asa and Denji in a compromising position.

Nayuta simply calls Asa a “thief,” and chains suddenly materialize, seemingly piercing Asa’s head.

The chapter ends here, and fans have to wait two weeks for the story to continue.

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Nayuta Makes Her Long-Awaited Chainsaw Man Part 2 Debut

Nayuta may have only appeared right at the end, but her appearance caused many fans to get excited.

After all, Nayuta is probably one of the series’ most interesting characters now, being the Control Devil and all.

It will also be interesting to see if Nayuta will recognize the War Devil within Asa. After all, the Four Horsemen consider each other as sisters, that is if Fami is to be believed.

Following her Chapter 119 debut, fans took to social media to express their joy.

And while it hasn’t even been 24 hours since the chapter’s release, there are already lots of fanart of Nayuta online.

Fans pointed out that Nayuta looks much older than her initial appearance, prompting new theories about how she can age faster. Plus, fans also noticed that her hairstyle is similar to Makima's.

Now, there are lots of theories about what happens next. Though we’ll have to wait two weeks until Chainsaw Man Chapter 120 is released on Valentine’s Day.

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