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Chainsaw Man Chapter 103 Release Date, Countdown, Leaks

Chainsaw Man Chapter 103 Release Date, Countdown, Leaks

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Chainsaw Man Chapter 102 is out, and fans can hardly handle Denji's epic comeback! Here's all you need to know about Chainsaw Man Chapter 103, its release date, and any leaks!

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Chainsaw Man Overview and Chapter 102 Recap

Chainsaw Man Chapter 103 Release Date 102 Recap
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Credit: MAPPA

In Chapter 102 of Chainsaw Man, Mitaka's Devil-Hunting with Yuko takes a bad turn.

Yuko gets stabbed in the leg, which the War Devil sees as a change. Still insistent on her earlier takes, she tells Mitaka to kill her friend and turn her into a weapon.

But, of course, even in a manga like Chainsaw Man, this wouldn't have gone the easy, bloody way so soon.

Although her clumsiness doesn't work in her favor, Mitaka picks up her hurt friend. Through flashbacks, we learn that Mitaka feels intense guilt for often tripping in critical moments.

This tendency resulted in the death of her mother, as well as the class's pet. At this point, we think Mitaka's clumsiness will play an important role later on.

But Mitaka tries to stop letting the accidental pain she caused define her. Remembering how Yuko wanted to act according to her conscience, she resolves to do the same - for now.

Meanwhile, fans of the manga who had wondered where Denji was, have finally found out.

In Chapter 102, we see him fight a cockroach devil to save not some humans in distress, but a cat.

Cat lovers and Denji fans can rejoice!

So, what is Denji doing next? Fans are getting more and more excited about his return and his next adventures!

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Chainsaw Man Chapter 103 Release Date and Time

Chainsaw Man Chapter 103 Release Date
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Credit: Shonen Jump

Once again, the Chainsaw Man Part 2 Chapter 103 Release is being delayed for a week.

Therefore, the release date of Chainsaw Man Chapter 103 will be the 31st of August, or the 30th of August, depending on your timezone.

This delay was shared through an unofficial Shonen Jump+ news Twitter account.

At this point, it's unclear if bi-weekly chapters will become the norm for Chainsaw Man, but we'll likely find out soon. Many definitely seem to suspect so, in any case, given the two consecutive breaks with the past month.

Unfortunately for fans, this pattern will continue for at least another week, so we'll have to wait until mid-September for chapter 104, if the unofficial Shonen Jump News Twitter account is to be believed.

Meanwhile, you can read Chainsaw Man legally online on Viz!

And for when the newest Chapter finally come's out, here is the approximate release timeline based on timezone differences:

  • Pacific Time: 8:00 AM
  • Central Time: 10:00 AM
  • Eastern Time: 11:00 AM
  • British Time: 4:00 PM

Chainsaw Man Chapter 103 Countdown

Chainsaw Man Chapter 103 Release Date

You can read Chapter 103 of the horror manga soon, though there will be a short delay this time.

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Chainsaw Man Chapter 103 Leaks

Chainsaw Man Chapter 103 Release Date Leaks
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Credit: MAPPA

At the time of writing, there are no spoilers or leaks for Chainsaw Man Chapter 103.

Spoilers, such as raw scans, are usually available 2-3 days before the release date. We will let you know if any additional information becomes available in the meantime.

However, as the new chapter will be delayed by a week, we expect any leaks to make an appearance later than usual.

Chapter 102 managed to both delve more deeply into Asa Mitaka's character and reintroduce Denji to eager fans.

It would, then, make sense for Chapter 103 to show us a bit more of what Denji has been up to.

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