This Chainsaw Man Asa Mitaka Date Cosplay Is 'Pretty Darn Cute'

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Chainsaw Man Asa Mitaka Cosplay
Credit: Tatsuki Fuijmoto / Shueisha / JUMP COMICS CHANNEL
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It seems that fans still can’t get over the surprisingly cute and romantic date between Denji and Asa. Along with lots of fan art, there have also been many cosplays of the duo, with the latest being this Asa Mitaka date cosplay, which went viral among Chainsaw Man fans.

Recently, a cosplay of Asa got loads of upvotes and comments on the Chainsaw Man subreddit.


Lots of fans praised it for its detail and for being “pretty darn cute” (in Asa's words).

Spoiler Warning: There are spoilers for Chainsaw Man Part 2 in this article.

Chainsaw Man Part 2: Denji and Asa’s Blossoming Relationship

chainsaw man asa mitaka
Credit: Tatsuki Fuijmoto / Shueisha / JUMP COMICS CHANNEL

Fans were surprised by the premiere of Chainsaw Man Part 2 back in July 2022, as Denji was nowhere to be found. Instead, the series seemed to now follow a new character named Asa Mitaka.

Since then, Asa has become the series’ new protagonist. Even though Denji finally made an appearance, the series still moved forward from Asa’s point of view.

Soon though, Asa and Denji became involved when the former asked the latter out on a date.


Of course, she didn’t really like Denji; she just wanted to turn him into a weapon.

The two then went on a date in an aquarium. While it started as a boring date, things went from bad to worse as the Eternity Devil made a surprise appearance.

Though this turned out to be the perfect thing for the two of them, as they got closer to each other while trying to find a way out.

They soon managed to get out, and Asa started to develop feelings for Denji.

Now, fans are eagerly awaiting their next date.

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Chainsaw Man Asa Mitaka Date Cosplay

chainsaw man part 2 asa mitaka
Credit: Tatsuki Fuijmoto / Shueisha / JUMP COMICS CHANNEL

While the recent one-week break meant fans have to wait a bit longer, this impressive Asa Mitaka cosplay is a good consolation.

Recently, Reddit user u/iwantgamergirls shared her impressively done and accurate Asa Mitaka cosplay. You can check it out here:

It may be a simple cosplay at first glance, but she executes it incredibly well as every piece of clothing is accurate.

Many fans also commented how she got Asa’s facial expression perfectly.


Though this isn’t the first Chainsaw Man cosplay from her, as she also has other equally impressive shoots, including one of Reze and Cosmo:

While we won’t see any more of these two, we are sure to see more of Asa in the next Chainsaw Man chapter, which will release this Tuesday.

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