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Cute Asa x Denji Fan Art Celebrates Chainsaw Man Part 2's Rom-Com Twist

Asa x Denji Chainsaw Man

The latest chapter of Chainsaw Man was released with lots of hype, especially as it features the long-awaited date of Asa Mitaka and Denji. To celebrate this rom-com twist, a Chainsaw Man fan made an Asa x Denji fan art in a 90s shoujo style.

While many were expecting the date to be reminiscent of the romantic school scenes between Reze and Denji in Part 1, series creator Tatsuki Fujimoto had something different in mind.

Spoiler Warning: There are Chainsaw Man manga and anime spoilers in this article.

Asa and Denji's Date Ends With a Twist

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Credit: Tatsuki Fujimoto / Shueisha

The latest chapter began with Asa Mitaka preparing for her date while Yoru was disagreeing with her as always.

Despite Asa’s lack of friends, it seems that she’s confident when it comes to guys as she remarked that she’s “pretty darn cute.”

Though on her date with Denji, it seems Asa’s confidence was misplaced. Not because of her looks mind you, but her actual date skills are far from great.

Instead of letting things flow naturally, Asa insisted on spouting marine biology facts that seem straight out of Wikipedia.

While some guys might be into that, Denji was bored to tears as he insisted on seeing the penguins.

Soon, Denji left Asa to go look at the penguins, leaving Asa dumbfounded by how her plan to seduce Denji failed.

As this happens, the Famine Devil (aka Fami) makes an appearance and introduces herself to Asa.

Fami soon takes Yoru with her and leaves Asa in the aquarium. She says that Asa will be trapped there until she can turn Denji into a weapon.

It’s clear that the date didn’t go as any fan expected, though it’s not enough to deter artists from creating their own takes on the date.

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Asa and Denji Date Fan Art

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Ahead of the chapter’s release, the artist @am88121 shared their unique take on Asa and Denji’s date on Twitter.

While it was shared ahead of the Chapter 113 date, it’s more accurate to call it Asa x Denji x Yoshida as the fan art features a love triangle that’s straight out of a 90s shoujo anime or manga.

You may check it out here:

The retro colors and style are well-made, all while featuring manga-accurate versions of the characters.

Given its quality, it should come as no surprise that it got over 80k likes and thousands of retweets on Twitter.

This 90s shoujo scenario might not have happened, but the seeming return of the Eternity Devil still makes the next Chainsaw Man manga chapter a highly anticipated one.

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