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BTS Suga's Skincare Routine Deemed Most 'Low-Maintenance' Among Members

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Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

The seven members of BTS have impeccable visuals. This is one of the reasons why fans and followers are always seemingly curious to know all about their respective skincare routines.

Among the group, though, there is one member who is not as fond as the others when it comes to taking care of their skin. Reports revealed that it is Suga, adding that he has the “most low-maintenance” regimen.

The group's rapper appeared to have confirmed it during a live engagement he did, alongside J-Hope. The two K-pop idols discussed all matters relating to skincare routines and beauty products, according to Zoom TV Entertainment.

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Suga Does Not Use Toners, Essences

The two BTS members wore their sheet masks while doing the live session. At one point in the engagement, Suga shocked J-Hope upon revealing that he does not use toners. When the latter asked the reason behind it, the Agust D rapper stated that applying it takes “too much work.”

Despite this, though, the group’s main dancer shared that his co-member has “nice skin,” making it likely “okay” not to use toners.

The same thing reportedly applies to Suga’s views about essences. As claimed, he does not use them, as well, as he keeps his skincare routine to a minimum.

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His Two-Step Skincare Routine

In the same live engagement, Suga unveiled his “laid-back approach” to skincare. After J-Hope shared the products he uses and applies to his skin, the BTS rapper revealed that he always goes for moisturizers.

He said that he just applies them before calling it a day. He, however, emphasized that he incorporates a cold sheet mask into his routine, particularly after taking a bath.

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Does He Have The Worst "Bad Skincare Habit" Among BTS?

The Butter singers once did an official interview with Allure, wherein they discussed skincare and beauty matters. They also answered several questions, allowing them to reveal their “secrets” and hacks when it comes to taking care of their visuals.

One of the questions is about their “bad skincare habits.” While the other BTS members shared that they do not particularly have one, especially V, Suga said that his bad habit is he does not really take care of his skin.


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