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BTS Jimin's Net Worth Makes Him Fourth Wealthiest Member

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

Jimin, alongside the rest of BTS, is one of today’s wealthiest K-pop idols. With the global success of the group, it has allowed him to make a massive fortune in the world of South Korean entertainment.

But, apart from his career as an artist, the group’s vocalist has also made a vast sum from various gigs and ventures. He earns from endorsements and advertisements and will likely obtain deeper pockets through his investments.

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Jimin Is The Fourth Richest BTS Member

Celebrity Net Worth estimates that Jimin is worth about $20 million. This figure places him on the fourth spot in the list of the wealthiest BTS members.

The group’s vocalist comes after RM, Suga, and J-Hope. Reports said that the latter has the highest net worth figure among the septet.

Just like the other six K-pop idols in the group, Jimin earned most of his millions from touring, as well as from when Big Hit Entertainment went public.

Meanwhile, in the world of K-pop, he is the 19th richest idol as of 2021, according to Slice.

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About His Assets, Investments As A K-pop Idol

K-pop idols are very private about their personal lives. Accordingly, there is not much information about how they spend their fortune, and Jimin is not an exception.

There are, however, two properties on his portfolio that the public knows about, according to South China Morning Post. The most recent property purchase he made is the flat at Nine One Hannam. He and BTS leader RM bought their own apartments in the complex, which many refer to as the “Beverly Hills of Korea.”

The other estate that Jimin purchased is the one in Banpo Jugong. Reports deem this move “smart” because he bought it when it was shabby, with the knowledge that it would undergo reconstruction, causing the price to spike afterward.

Apart from his real estate purchases, the BTS member also shelled out money for a Porsche 911 Carrera. He reportedly bought the unit for a price of $100,000, despite not being into cars.

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