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BTS J-Hope Reportedly Eats Whatever, Whenever He Wants

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

J-Hope is among the most popular and successful K-pop idols today. As a member of BTS, one would think that he has a strict diet regime, which he follows to the heart.

But, the truth is, the South Korean artist is one of the members that does not have a specific diet. In fact, reports revealed that he eats all the food he wants, whenever he feels like it.

It may have shocked some fans and followers at first. However, there is reportedly a good reason why he does not observe strict diet regimes.

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Why J-Hope Does Not Follow Any Diet Program

KpopStarz reported that J-Hope, like the rest of BTS, loves to eat good foods. He consumes whatever he wants, including some of the meals that other celebrities might avoid due to their respective diet plans.

But, even so, the K-pop idol manages his figure and remains in shape because he burns a lot of calories from working out and exercising. Apart from the routines that he follows, he also has his dance rehearsals along with the rest of the group.

Nevertheless, Hobi is said to be very “conscious” of his weight and appearance. He tries to be more mindful of his figure because he is reportedly into fashion. Accordingly, he complements his exercises with portion control.

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The BTS Member's Love For Food

It is no longer surprising to hear that the BTS members are lovers of food. J-Hope is no exception, and avid fans know it.

Holistic Vista said that he is a “big fan” of traditional Korean dishes. Among all, his favorite is Kimchi fried rice.

When it comes to restaurants, the publication claimed that the K-pop idol prefers In-and-Out, which is famous for its burgers. He enjoys eating meals, though, from different fast-food chains, as well.

As for his beverages, he reportedly likes Espresso and Sprite.

Meanwhile, the BTS member does not like to cook. But, he cleans afterward when his co-members prepare the meals.

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