BTS RM Works Out Five Days A Week And Here's Why

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

RM began going on diet programs and doing workout sessions even before his debut as the leader of BTS. Reports said that he only stopped working out because of an injury he obtained from one of his gym visits.

This went on for several years, according to KpopStarz. The public only saw a “dramatic” change in his figure, from being slim and slender to “buffed with noticeable muscles,” in 2018.

The BTS leader revealed the details of his fitness and workout routines earlier in 2021. During his first live broadcast for the year, he shared with fans how he does his exercises and why he began in the first place.

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RM Began Working Out Again

Koreaboo released a report on the matter, covering what RM had to say to his fans. He told them that he started working out “to be able to dance more powerfully.”

Apart from improving his performances, the K-pop idol also stated that he wanted to get “in shape” and be healthy. Moreover, he revealed that he intended to change his body type in the long run.

These explain why RM pushes himself to work out four to five times a week. He assured his fans, though, that there is no need to worry about him getting too muscular. He noted that there had been no drastic changes, adding that he only focuses on his goals.

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The BTS Leader's Workout Routines, Exercises

Dancing plays a big part in RM’s fitness and workout routine. He does it every day, alongside his co-BTS members, and it has reportedly become one of the things that have allowed him to maintain his figure and health.

Alongside dancing, the K-pop star is fond of doing Pilates. In some of his virtual engagements with fans, he emphasized the importance of the workout type, saying that it helps improve posture.

He even reportedly prefers doing it more than going to the gym.

The BTS leader complements these routines with circuit training. He revealed that he does box jumping, which helps his body stay alert.

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