BTS Jungkook's Diet Includes Snacks, But Limits Oily And Fatty Foods

Jungkook likely comes in second to his BTS hyung Jin when it comes to being a lover of good food. He even once shared his deep appreciation for South Korea’s fast and inexpensive delivery system, allowing him to order anything he wants.

Even so, the “Golden Maknae” of the septet still exert extra effort into his fitness and health. He maintains his figure by working out and following diet programs.

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Jungkook Maintains Fitness, Health With Low-Calorie Meals

Health-Yogi reported that Jungkook is “strict” about his diet. He mostly eats meals that are low in carbs and calories.

Among the available selection, the BTS member opts for “chicken and veggies,” which help him with his protein needs. He also reportedly stays away from “oily and fatty foods.”

As explained, he knows that meals rich in bad oil and high in fat can make him gain weight. He is said to get “very paranoid and worried” when he puts on additional mass, so he avoids such foods at all costs.

Nevertheless, the publication said that Jungkook incorporates snacks into his daily meal preparations.

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What His Day-To-Day Meals Look Like

The BTS maknae eats three meals a day with an afternoon snack. Reports noted, though, that his snacks are healthy, as well, considering they are mostly soups.

Some of his favorite meals for breakfast include egg white omelet and whole-grain toast, while he prefers salmon salad for lunch. Before ending his day, Jungkook enjoys a plate of chicken breast with vegetables.

Alongside the protein-rich meals, he is also fond of protein shakes and fruits, according to Channel-Korea.

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The Extreme Diet He Did For BTS' Butter

In celebration of the release of Butter, the septet held a live engagement with their fans. Jungkook made a revelation during the event and shared that he did an extreme diet in preparation for their new single.

The maknae of BTS recalled that he did not eat anything before the filming of their music video. He said that he only consumed water for five days.

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