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BTS Suga Says He Finds Instagram 'Hard' to Use: Report

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

BTS Suga launched his own official Instagram account earlier in December. It was his and his co-members' first time to do so since they debuted in 2013.

While nine months have already passed since the South Korean rapper and the rest of the group opened an account, it appears that he still has not gotten the hang of using the platform's app. He even reportedly repeatedly shared with fans that he finds it "hard" to use.

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BTS Suga And His Initial Thoughts About Instagram

Upon launching his first official account on the platform, Suga posted a photo of a park. It immediately caught the public's attention, causing the post to amass significant numbers of likes and comments.

At the time, Koreaboo said the idol unintentionally left the comment section wide open, which explained the tens of thousands of comments on the post. As it happened, he did not reportedly know how to set the limits of the feature, and it resulted in him deleting the photo.

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The outlet continued that the BTS member later appeared to have fixed the settings and posted another photo on the account. But, instead of a view or scenery, he was said to have uploaded an image of a red square.

In the caption, he reportedly wrote, "Instagram is really hard," along with a sad face. While he did not dwell on the details, co-members J-Hope and V commented on the post and gave him their support.

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Jimin And Suga On Using The App

It was not the first time Suga admitted to finding the social media platform difficult to use. A few weeks later, he once again talked about the matter with some of his co-members.

Cheat Sheet said the engagement occurred during a VLIVE he, RM, and Jimin did in February. While reading through some of the fans' questions and trying to answer them, the subject of Instagram came up.

The three BTS members first reportedly complimented co-member J-Hope on his activities on the platform. They were said to have pointed out how active the idol was in using the app.

Later in the exchange, though, it was noted that Suga told RM and Jimin how he finds using Instagram "really hard" for him, and the latter reportedly echoed his sentiments, saying, "You and I are both not good at it."

Watch this space for more BTS Suga news.

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