BTS Jimin 'Curious' About Relationships; Idol Wants To 'Explore' Its Nature

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Credit: BANGTANTV/YouTube Screenshot

K-pop fans are well-aware of the apparent dating ban among idols. While some agencies are blatant and vocal about the matter, others are more private and subtle, which seemingly applies to the case of BTS.

Numerous followers believe that the Permission To Dance singers have dating clauses in their respective contracts. Although there is a lack of confirmation, this likely explains why the seven K-pop stars remain single or mum about their dating life.

One of the members, Jimin, however, reportedly previously confirmed about having a relationship in the past. Despite this, he revealed he has a certain curiosity about “human relationships,” according to Cheat Sheet.

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Jimin's Thoughts About Human Relationships

The publication said that the BTS vocalist talked about the matter in his previous interview with GQ Magazine. After sharing what inspires him the most when it comes to writing music, he revealed what “filled” his world at the time.

Jimin explained that his life had become infused with “a lot of abstract things.” To cite an example, he revealed that these “things” include his curiosity over relationships among people.

He acknowledged that many people find it “interesting,” adding that he himself likes to talk about such matters. In the end, he asserted that he wanted to “explore the nature of relationships” among humans.

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Dating Rumors Involving The BTS Member

While the BTS member’s views on relationships appeared to be “abstract,” this does not seemingly stop the public from speculating about his potential relationship with a special someone.

Over the years, Jimin has faced numerous dating rumors, involving some of the biggest names in the world of K-pop. Some of these personalities include Seulgi of Red Velvet, Hwasa of MAMAMOO, and Jeongyeon of TWICE.

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Despite the insistence of shippers and followers, though, no evidence came to light to verify the claims.


The same dynamic, however, continues these days. But, amid all the rumors and speculations, it has since been established that the BTS vocalist is single, and so are the rest of the group.

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