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BTS RM Once Went On A Diet To Impress A Girl: Report

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Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

K-pop idols follow strict diet programs, especially during their trainee days. But, for BTS, gone are those days when they had to restrict themselves from eating what they wanted.

Despite not having the need to undergo a diet regimen, some of the members decided to go through meal restrictions for several personal reasons. BTS Bomb previously claimed that RM had his because of a girl.

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RM Previously Followed A Diet For A Girl

The BTS leader once appeared on Sangamore and reportedly revealed a story about his diet in the past. He discussed the matter with a young female who guested on the show to talk about “living to eat.”

After sharing their love for food, RM recalled how “chubby” he was during his school years. But, he decided to go on a diet because he wanted to look “good” for a girl he liked.

The K-pop idol reportedly stated that he heard about the unnamed girl’s preference when it comes to men. She liked them “slim,” causing him to work on his diet.

RM succeeded in losing weight at the time. However, no further details have come to light about the story regarding the girl he liked.

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BTS Leader Now Prefers Workout Over Diet

These days, the members of BTS no longer follow strict diet regimens, and this includes the group’s leader. He, however, focuses on working out to improve his fitness and health.

Apart from doing their daily dance rehearsals, RM also does bodyweight exercises. In addition, he prefers to do Pilates more than going to the gym, according to Kpop Starz.

The K-pop idol also previously prioritized working out, especially in 2020. He said that he intended to do his workout routines five times a week to achieve his fitness goals.

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RM's Fitness Goals

Amid the pandemic, RM talked about going through a health screening to track his fitness and health. He revealed that he went from 70.1 to 73.6 kilos for his weight, while his skeletal muscle mass increased to 3.5.


The BTS leader noted, though, that he wanted to improve his body fat percentage further. At the time, it was at 15 percent, which is five percent more than what he planned on hitting.

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