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BTS Net Worth 2022: Why J-Hope Is The Wealthiest Member

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

J-Hope is the wealthiest member of BTS. This appears to be a surprising fact to many people as he once revealed about planning to quit earlier from the K-pop act to pursue a solo career in dancing.

He never left, though, after his co-members persuaded him. This all reportedly happened before the group formally debuted under Big Hit Entertainment.

Years later, he, alongside his groupmates, appeared to have taken the smart choice. The seven-member act is now said to be the most successful and richest K-pop group in the world.

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J-Hope Has The Highest Net Worth Among BTS Members

As the wealthiest K-pop act, its members are undoubtedly some of the richest idols in the world of South Korean entertainment. Among the seven, though, J-Hope has the highest net worth figure with his whopping $26 million fortune, according to South China Morning Post.

The K-pop idol has amassed his wealth mostly from the group’s music productions, tours, and other global activities and engagements. Alongside these things, he also has other income streams on his own.

Similar to the other members of BTS, he has obtained significant amounts of endorsements and advertisements. Moreover, he has already ventured out of the group a few years ago, allowing him to produce music of his own and collaborate with other artists around the world.

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A "Smart" Real Estate Investor: Report

Outside the music space, J-Hope also makes money from his assets and investments. Reports claimed that he has an impressive real estate portfolio.

Avid fans would recall that he once profited about ₩1 billion or more than $800,000 from a property he purchased. Koreaboo said that the BTS rapper made the real estate purchase in 2016.

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He bought a high-end apartment in Seongsu-dong, Seoul, for ₩1.4 billion. Within two years, the value of the property increased to ₩2.4 billion.

It is unclear how much the value has since appreciated, but, it is likely worth so much more to date.

Furthermore, the BTS member appears to spend his fortune only on investments and charities.

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