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BTS Makeup 2022: Jungkook's 'Obsession' With Cosmetics Explained

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

K-pop idols use numerous makeup products from various lines and brands. The seven members of BTS are no exception as they always don some, especially during engagements and performances.

While it is common for South Korean artists to wear makeup, Jungkook is said to be fond and a “lover” of such products. The maknae’s co-members even revealed that he has an “obsession” with cosmetics during their 2015 BTS Festa, according to Koreaboo.

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Why Jungkook Is "Obsessed" With Makeup, Cosmetics

In the engagement with fans and followers, the BTS members teased Jungkook and referred to him as a "thief." J-Hope was reportedly the one who wrote the message to describe the group's Golden Maknae.

When some of the members asked why? Hobi explained that it was because of all the cosmetic products' disappearances after receiving them from the "makeup salon's director." As exposed, Jungkook usually takes them all, with the rapper telling him to "share a little" with the rest of the group.

V, as well as the other members, began sharing their own stories about their maknae's obsession with cosmetics. He said that Jungkook "goes nuts" when it is about makeup products.

After teasing him, his hyungs consequently told the audience that there is a reason why their youngest member collects the products. They said that Jungkook gets a "sense of healing" when he looks at his cosmetics. It "cheers him up," similar to what Jin and J-Hope experience toward their figurines.

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Makeup Brands, Products The BTS Maknae Uses

The members of BTS, including Jungkook, rarely sport bold makeup. They usually go for natural-looking styles using light cosmetics.

Cheat Sheet said that although they have signature makeup looks, the K-pop idols have already utilized several different products since their debut in 2013. This applies, as well, to Jungkook, who has an immense fondness for makeup.

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Some of the brands he uses include Bobby Brown, Laura Mercier, and Vaseline. Most of the items are for lip care, like lip tints and lip moisturizers.

Fans also reportedly noticed that the BTS member had some products from Bath & Body Works.

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