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BTS Jin Home 2022: How Many Properties Does He Have?

Fans are well aware that the members of BTS live together under one roof. This has continued for years and even up to this day.

But, this does not mean that the K-pop idols do not have their own respective houses. As it happens, most of them already have stunning real estate portfolios due to their high-end properties.

This includes Jin, who has made several property purchases in the last few years. Although it is unclear how many posh apartments and houses he now owns, reports learned that he has two hefty units in Hannam The Hill.

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Jin Has Two Properties In Hannam The Hill

Republic World reported that the eldest of BTS first purchased an apartment in The Hill in 2018. He is said to have given the unit to his parents, although he has most of the ownership share for about 65 percent.

It was reportedly a 614-square-foot property amounting to $1.52 million. He, however, sold it a year later and replaced it with a much bigger unit, which houses 2,508 to 2,520 square feet of floor area.

In 2020, he made another property purchase on the same complex. He bought a 2,200-square-foot apartment for $3.7 million.

Hannam The Hill is one of the most luxurious apartment complexes in South Korea. It is reportedly home to numerous celebrities and political figures, including even Jin's co-member, RM.

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Living With The Rest Of BTS

The BTS members first became residents of Hannam The Hill in 2017. Lifestyle Asia said that the group acquired a unit in the complex and relocated from their previous shared apartment.

The suite, which the K-pop idols used for the music video of Life Goes On, reportedly costs $6.53 million. It has a floor area of 300 square meters and houses a sleek and contemporary aesthetic.

Despite having their own respective properties and houses, the seven members of BTS are still living together in the said suite. It remains unclear, however, whether they are currently staying in it amid their extended break from the spotlight.

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