What Are Power’s Abilities in Chainsaw Man?

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What Are Power’s Abilities in Chainsaw Man Power

One of the most popular characters in Chainsaw Man is Power. She is a Blood Fiend or a devil that has taken over the body of a dead person. She is also part of Makima’s special squad as a public safety devil hunter. As the Blood Fiend, what are Power's abilities, and what can we expect from her?

Power has two forms: a fiend form and a devil form. In her fiend form, she is seen as a woman with long hair. In the manga, the color of her hair changes from blonde to pink, while in the anime, it is strawberry blonde.


She's also known for her iconic horns, fangs, and yellow and red eyes with a cross pattern.

In her devil form, Power turns into a humanoid with four arms.

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What Are Power's Abilities?

What Are Power’s Abilities Power

As the Blood Devil fiend, Power has standard devil abilities. She can restore her health by consuming blood, take over a human body, revive in Hell, and make contracts with humans.

She is also known for her enhanced smell which allows her to recognize blood even from a long distance and her enhanced speed which allows her to fight quickly and swiftly.

What Are Power’s Abilities Power

As the Blood Fiend, Power also has blood-related abilities:

  • Blood Manipulation – This ability allows her to create weapons using the blood in her body. If she makes direct contact with another person, she can manipulate their blood as well and even prevent them from bleeding. Once Power mixes her blood with her target, she could distort their regenerative abilities.
  • Blood Hammer – In relation to blood manipulation, she creates a huge hammer that allows her to crush her enemies. She can change the size of the hammer depending on her needs.
What Are Power’s Abilities Power
  • Blood Spear – Other than a hammer, she can also create a spear that can stab anyone. She can also place blood in different bottles and hide them in different locations as a trap. Her Thousand Tera Blood Rain lets her create thousands of blood spears and swords that can eliminate her target.
  • Blood Transfer – Power can transfer her life energy and blood to someone she has made a contract with.
  • Blood Empowerment – She can restore her health to full just by consuming blood.

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Where Did Power's Name Come From?

Where Did Power’s Name Come From Power

Tatsuki Fujimoto, the creator of Chainsaw Man, confirmed that Power’s name originated from one of the angel hierarchies called Powers. They belong in the second hierarchy along with Dominions and Virtues.

Powers are in the middle order and the sixth angel class. They are also known as Warrior Angels that eliminate demons. However, they can fall once they make contact with demons directly.

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