Bocchi VA Performs Live at Real-Life Starry Live House

bocchi va yoshino aoyama hitori

bocchi va yoshino aoyama hitori

The anime’s first season may be over, but the excitement for Bocchi the Rock! is still at an all-time high. This isn’t just among fans though, as even the show’s cast continues to show the series love. Recently, Bocchi VA Yoshino Aoyama performed live as Hitori Gotoh at the real-life Starry location.

As many fans likely know, the live house Starry in the anime is based on a real-life location called Shelter in Shimokitazawa.

There, Aoyama donned Bocchi’s signature pink outfit and rocked out on her guitar.

Yoshino Aoyama: The Real-Life Bocchi

bocchi the rock hitori
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Bocchi VA Yoshino Aoyama has done much to promote the show over the past months. Aside from tweeting about the show, Aoyama also hosts the Bocchi the Radio show.

There, she revealed that she is similar to Bocchi in many ways, such as how she can also get nervous around people.

Her real-life Bocchi adventure doesn’t end there though, as she also stars in the Road to Guitar Hero online series where she is challenged with mastering the Bocchi OP on guitar.

This is a major challenge, especially as Aoyama is not exactly a guitarist.

Nonetheless, she is musically inclined given that she’s a singer who has just released a full album.

While she’s similar to Bocchi in some ways, her music career is definitely the opposite of Hitori's. After all, Bocchi would likely glitch out again if she’s asked to sing.

Aside from her music career, Aoyama has also played various anime roles, including Yoshino Nanase in Wake Up, Girls! as well as Fio in KonoSuba.

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Aoyama Performs Live at “Starry”

bocchi hitori gotoh
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In the latest episode of Road to Guitar Hero, Aoyama finally made her live house debut.

Specifically, she donned Bocchi’s pink track jacket and performed the show’s opening song live.

You can check out her performance here:

As someone who just started to learn the guitar part of the opening, Aoyama did pretty well, all things considered.

While it’s something made to promote the show, you can really tell how passionate she is about Bocchi the Rock!

Of course, dressing up as Bocchi is a nice touch. Here’s hoping that more content like this gets released soon.

Given the show’s success, it’s highly likely that Bocchi the Rock! will get a second season.

Though for now, there’s no word yet on a Season 2 for the series.

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