Bocchi the Rock! Hitori VA Shows off Her Real-Life Guitar Skills

Bocchi the Rock! Hitori VA

Bocchi the Rock! Hitori VA

Hitori Gotou may have extreme social anxiety, but her voice actress is not at all like her character. Recently, Bocchi the Rock! Hitori VA Yoshino Aoyama shared her real-life guitar skills, all without hiding her face, as Bocchi does.

Aoyama shared a few clips of herself on her personal Twitter account as she played the guitar.

In the post, she also shared clips of herself playing other instruments, showing off her musical chops.

Hitori Gotou VA Learns the Bocchi OP

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Aoyama being a talented musician isn’t too surprising if you know about her before Bocchi.

After all, she is both the speaking and singing voice of Yoshino Nanase in Wake Up, Girls! Plus, she has released a couple of singles over the past years.

While she’s a talented singer from before, Aoyama isn’t exactly a guitarist. With this in mind, Aniplex released a special YouTube series entitled Road to Guitar Hero.

In this series, Aoyama is taught to play the electric guitar by a musician. The challenge is that, at the end of the series, Aoyama must be able to play the riff of the Bocchi the Rock! opening song.

In the series’ 11th and final episode, Aoyama was able to successfully play the opening song’s main riff.

While she played it a bit slower than the actual song, the fact that she did so is impressive, especially for a beginner.

It seems that Aoyama did not stop playing the guitar after this series though given that she shared a clip of herself playing again.

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Yoshino Aoyama Shows off Her Guitar Skills

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Despite the show ending, Aoyama and the other Bocchi cast members are still tweeting about the series.

The latest from Aoyama is a series of clips of her playing different instruments.

Specifically, Aoyama’s clips include her playing the guitar, piano, and drums.

You can check it out here:

Playing an instrument is one thing, but being able to play multiple is impressive. Fans also thought the same, as her tweet was flooded with fans who were impressed by her skills.

Even Nijika's voice actress, Sayumi Suzushiro, joined in on the fun, calling Aoyama a genius. Aoyama replied that they should buy electronic drums next.

Given how passionate the voice cast of the show is, it would be criminal if Bocchi the Rock! did not get renewed for a second season.

Though it’s likely only a matter of time before it does, given how popular it continues to be.

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Source: Yoshino Aoyama on Twitter

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