Bocchi the Rock!'s Kessoku Band Dons Stylish Glasses in Ichiban Kuji Collab

Bocchi the Rock! Ichiban Kuji Hitori Gotoh
Credit: Aki Hamaji / Houbunsha / Aniplex

Bocchi the Rock! Ichiban Kuji Hitori Gotoh
Credit: Aki Hamaji / Houbunsha / Aniplex

It’s soon going to be a year since Bocchi the Rock! premiered, and it’s still getting a lot of new collabs. The latest one is a collaboration between Bocchi the Rock! and Ichiban Kuji on new merch featuring an illustration of the Kessoku Band in stylish glasses.

This collab was revealed on the Ichiban Kuji website. There, the special collab illustration was revealed along with the specific merch that fans can get their hands on when the collection releases in Japan next month.

Bocchi the Rock! x Ichiban Kuji Collab Features Kessoku Band in Glasses

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Bocchi the Rock! was a barely known manga this time last year. Things soon changed when the anime adaptation by CloverWorks aired during the Fall 22 season.

A couple of episodes in, Bocchi became a trending topic among anime fans thanks to some hilarious memes. Soon after, the show gained more viewers, enough that it became one of the highlight shows of its season.

Since then, the series has gotten numerous collaborations, including one with convenience store Family Mart and karaoke chain Karatez.

The latest one is with Ichiban Kuji, a well-known brand of anime figures and other merch.

Almost all the merch features an exclusive illustration of the Kessoku Band members wearing stylish glasses and trendy black and white outfits. This is a great match for the live house Starry’s trendy Shimokita neighborhood.

This is similar to the previously mentioned collabs which also have exclusive illustrations. For instance, the Family Mart collection features the Kessoku Band in maid outfits.

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Ichiban Kuji and Bocchi Collab to Release in October

Another thing that the Ichiban Kuji collab shares with many anime merch lines are specific items that are up for grabs. As expected, there are clear files, acrylic stands, pin badges, and stickers.

There are also four Chokonokko figures in the collection, though these don’t feature the trendy new outfits for Hitori Gotoh and friends. Instead, the figures come with their typical outfits.

The Bocchi the Rock! x Ichiban Kuji collaboration goodies will be priced starting at JPY 700 (around USD 5).

These items will be available beginning October 14, 2023, in Family Mart stores, bookstores, hobby shops, selected game centers, and Ichiban Kuji shops.

Sadly, there’s no word on this collab's availability outside Japan. Based on other merch collections like this, the items will likely remain Japan-only.

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Source: Ichiban Kuji

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