Bocchi the Rock! Adult Fanart Reimagines Hitori as a 26-Year-Old

Bocchi Adult Fanart

Bocchi Adult Fanart

In Bocchi the Rock!, Hitori Gotoh and her friends are young high school students. Though if the Kessoku Band becomes successful in the future, a fan artist created a beautiful Bocchi the Rock! fanart showing an adult Hitori.

This fanart specifically shows a well-put-together Bocchi wearing a cute dress – a far cry from her typical pink tracksuit outfit.

Of course, this fanart assumes that Bocchi doesn’t get any of the bad endings that are shown in the anime.

Bocchi’s Adulthood Fears

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Technically, the series starts with a much younger Bocchi, as she picks up the guitar to hopefully let her be known in middle school and make friends.

Despite getting better at guitar, Bocchi’s anxiety prevents her from getting close to her classmates.

The show’s main events feature Hitori as she finally gets a chance to break out of her shell in high school thanks to her newfound friends and bandmates, Nijika, Ryo, and Kita.

While Bocchi is slowly but surely opening up, there are still times when her anxiety gets the best of her, resulting in her imagining grim future scenarios.

In one instance, Bocchi imagines herself getting stuck in a job selling tokoroten or Japanese jelly noodles.

Because of her anxiety, Bocchi becomes the lowest performer, leading to her getting a court trial.

This isn’t the only time that Bocchi looked to the future though. There are also times when Bocchi imagines herself turning into a shut-in as an adult.

In these flash-forwards, Bocchi is shown being a recluse, only finding joy in alcohol.

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Bocchi the Rock! Hitori Gotoh Adult Fanart

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While most of Bocchi’s future visions are gloomy, there are times when she imagined herself becoming popular. This latest Bocchi the Rock! fanart can be considered one of those brighter futures.

Recently, artist @Kana_Taka11 on Twitter shared a fanart of Bocchi as a 26-year-old woman.

While she retains her signature blue and yellow hair ornaments, she now has a trendier outfit and a more confident aura.

Given her confident and trendy look, this version of Bocchi may be one where the Kessoku Band became a popular music group.

If not, it’s still very much a positive future for her, as she doesn’t turn into a NEET or an alcoholic.

We probably won’t know about Bocchi’s future anytime soon, though fans are hoping that we at least get a second season so we can see more of Bocchi’s high school life.

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Source: @Kana_Taka11

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