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Bocchi the Rock!’s Kessoku Band Album Tops Japan’s Digital Album Chart

Kessoku Band Album Bocchi Hitori

Following the anime’s finale, Bocchi the Rock! released its official album entitled Kessoku Band, and it quickly reached the top spot on Japan’s weekly digital album chart.

At the top spot of the latest Oricon digital album chart is the new Kessoku Band album that compiles all the original songs that were made for the anime series.

Bocchi the Rock!'s New Album

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Heading into the Fall 2022 season, most anime fans were excited about shows such as Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War and Chainsaw Man. But as the season progressed, Bocchi the Rock! became one of the most praised and talked about anime.

While at first, it may seem like another “cute girls doing cute things show” like K-On!, many viewers praised Bocchi the Rock! for its creative animation and storyline that goes above and beyond a typical slice-of-life series.

Of course, many also praised the show’s range of catchy songs which are performed by the show’s main cast.

Most of the songs are performed by Ikumi Hasegawa who plays the band’s lead singer, Ikuyo Kita. Though the series also features songs that are sung by the other members.

These songs serve as the four different ending themes used throughout the anime’s 12-episode run.

Plus, these songs are also noteworthy for being composed by several well-known Japanese artists, including Maguro Taniguchi of KANA-BOON and Ikkyu Nakajima of Tricot, among others.

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Kessoku Band Album Tops Japan's Oricon Weekly Chart

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Following the show’s release, the Kessoku Band album was released digitally on December 25.

While it has only been available for three days, the album was a big enough hit that it topped Oricon’s weekly chart that counts downloads from December 19 to 25.

Take note that this chart only ranks digital releases as the album has only been released physically in Japan today.

Here is the album’s complete tracklist:

  1. Seishun Complex
  2. Hitoribocchi Tokyo
  3. Distortion!!
  4. Himitsu Kichi
  5. Guitar to Kodoku to Aoihoshi
  6. Love Song ga Utaenai
  7. Ano Band
  8. Karakara
  9. Chiisana Umi
  10. Nani ga Warui
  11. Wasurete Yaranai
  12. Seiza ni Naretara
  13. Flashbacker
  14. Korogaru Iwa, Kimi ni Asa ga Furu

Fans of Bocchi the Rock! can listen to the full Kessoku Band album right now on Spotify.

Meanwhile, collectors will be happy to know that the album’s physical release begins today in Japan.

There’s currently no word on whether the physical album will be released outside Japan.

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Source: Oricon

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