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Bocchi the Rock! Memes Celebrate 'Dorito Girl' Nijika Ijichi

Bocchi the Rock Dorito Girl Nijika

With the finale coming soon, fans are celebrating Nijika Ijichi aka “Dorito Girl” of Bocchi the Rock! through memes on various sites, including Twitter and Reddit.

The Bocchi the Rock! fandom is no stranger to unexpected memes. After all, this is the same fanbase that brought us crossovers of Bocchi and Cyberpunk: Edgerunners.

While the Cyberpunk reference is readily apparent, the Doritos memes might not be, especially for more casual viewers of the series.

Kessoku Band’s Underappreciated Drummer

Bocchi the Rock Nijika drums
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It’s fair to say that Bocchi the Rock! has a colorful cast of characters. First, we have Hitori "Bocchi" Gotou, the central character of the series whose extreme introversion is a constant source of laughs. Ryo is another introvert that’s hilarious for different reasons.

Despite being a well-adjusted extrovert, Kita is another funny character as her signature Kita Aura always threatens to overwhelm the others.

Finally, there’s Nijika, the Kessoku Band's drummer and the most normal of the four.

Nijika may not have the laugh-out-loud gags of the other three, but she is very much the glue that holds the band together.

And while she may be underappreciated by some, many fans have noted her unique outfits.

Her clothes might not be as cool as Ryo’s or as trendy as Kita’s, but fans love how her outfits always feature her signature red ribbon in various forms.

Plus, it’s fair to say that Nijika’s style game is much stronger than Bocchi's.

Fans have also noted how they love Nijika’s distinct triangle ahoge which many refer to as a tortilla or a Dorito.

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Nijika Ijichi the Dorito Girl

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Many characters in the series have an ahoge, including the likes of Bocchi and her younger sister, Futari.

But it’s Nijika’s triangle cowlick that has become a meme among the show’s fanbase.

So, if you’re wondering why Nijika Ijichi is called the Dorito Girl, it’s because her ahoge sometimes looks like a Dorito because of how perfectly triangular it is in some scenes.

There’s not a lot to this trend unlike other Bocchi the Rock! memes, but it has led to some cute and funny fan art.

Plus, it’s always nice to see the most normal of the four main characters get some love.

If you can’t wait to see more of Dorito Girl, you can catch the 12th and last episode of Bocchi the Rock! when it releases this weekend on Crunchyroll.

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