Bocchi the Rock! Hitori and Nijika VAs Explain Anime's Surprising Depth

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Bocchi the Rock! Depth Nijika
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Bocchi the Rock! was one of the stand-out shows of 2022, and for good reason. As the show’s voice actresses explained, Bocchi the Rock! has a surprising amount of depth, and not just for its story.

To promote the show, the Bocchi voice actresses participate in a radio show entitled Bocchi the Radio! that’s also aired online.


In one episode, Hitori VA Yoshino Aoyama and Nijika VA Sayumi Suzushiro explained a particular scene in detail, revealing the show’s hidden depths.

Bocchi the Rock! – More Than Just a Cute Anime

Ahead of the show’s premiere, there wasn’t a lot of attention on Bocchi the Rock!, especially as it was overshadowed by the likes of Bleach: TYBW and Chainsaw Man.

But after a couple of episodes, the show quickly gained steam. And by the end of the season, it has solidified itself as one of the biggest shows not only of the season but of the year.

From the outside, Bocchi might just seem like a cute and fluffy anime. But that’s far from the case, as it is among the most creatively animated shows of the year.

bocchi the rock ryo

While it adapts its manga source material faithfully, Bocchi the Rock! is elevated thanks to its various creative animated sequences.

From funny anime references to building an actual zoetrope, the show’s staff truly went all out.

Creative animation isn’t the only reason for its appeal though. Many viewers found Bocchi relatable, with many also feeling inspired by her drive despite her anxiety.

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Bocchi the Rock! VAs Explain the Show’s Depth

On top of the impressive animation and touching story, the show goes further by adding an extra layer of depth in deceptively simple scenes.

In the recent radio show, Aoyama and Suzushiro went into detail about the Episode 1 scene where Nijika approached Bocchi in the playground.

Aoyama noted that the scene was shown from an unusual angle. Suzushiro explained that this angle was chosen to highlight the bars that surrounded Bocchi, which can be seen as representations of Bocchi’s emotional walls.

bocchi the rock hitori

Nijika breaks through these walls both by crossing over the bars and by inviting Bocchi to join her band.

It might not seem like much at first glance, but this is a key moment for Bocchi to come out of her shell.

While it may not be as instantly memorable as Bocchi glitching out, this simple scene shows how much thought the director and the show’s staff have put into the anime.

bocchi the rock nijika

Given this level of thought put into the show, fans are no doubt hoping that a Bocchi the Rock! Season 2 is announced soon.

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Source: Aniplex YouTube Channel (translated by Random Translation)