Bocchi the Rock! Gaiden Spin-off Manga Starring Kikuri Hiroi to Begin Soon

Bocchi the Rock! Gaiden Kikuri Hiroi

Bocchi the Rock! Gaiden Kikuri Hiroi

After getting teased last month, the Bocchi the Rock! Gaiden spin-off manga starring Kikuri Hiroi has been officially revealed, and it will begin serialization soon.

This upcoming manga spin-off will star one of Bocchi the Rock!’s fan-favorite characters that’s not part of the Kessoku Band.

And unlike the original manga which is made by Aki Hamaji, a new manga artist will be in charge of this new work.

Bocchi the Rock! Spin-off’s Initial Teaser

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Back in April, this upcoming spin-off was teased with an image that shows a silhouette of the main character.

While it wasn’t revealed back then, the silhouette pretty much confirmed that Kikuri will be the series’ star.

Now, the manga is official, and it will be serialized in Comic Fuz, a manga app that’s owned by the publisher, Houbunsha. This app is also the home of the popular and comfy manga series Laid-Back Camp.

For comparison, the original Bocchi the Rock! manga is serialized in Manga Time Kirara Max, a seinen 4-panel manga magazine owned by Houbunsha that’s released monthly.

Of the many side characters in Bocchi the Rock!, it’s no surprise that Kikuri Hiroi will be the star of the upcoming spin-off.

After all, many fans consider her their favorite thanks to her fun and crazy personality.

While she’s pretty much a raging alcoholic, there’s also an interesting side to Kikuri that wasn’t shown much in the anime.

At one point, she revealed that she was quite similar to Bocchi back when she was young.

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Bocchi the Rock! Gaiden - Hiroi Kikuri no Fukazake Nikki Release Date

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With the help of alcohol though, Kikuri became the loud and fun-loving character that she is. And from the looks of it, this upcoming manga will explore this.

In English, the manga’s title is Hiroi Kikuri's Diary of Deep Drinking, and this likely means the manga will explore Kikuri’s heavy drinking.

While fans will have to wait a bit more before the manga gets released, the reveal of the series’ title also came with a sneak peek at some of its panels.

Based on these panels, the spin-off will look quite different from the original series by Aki Hamaji. In fact, it looks closer to the art style of the anime.

Currently, there’s no word yet on when the Bocchi the Rock! Gaiden manga will be released. There’s also no announcement yet regarding English release plans.

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Source: Comic Fuz

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