Bocchi the Rock! Unveils Replica Hitori Guitar in Yamaha Collab

Bocchi the Rock Guitar Yamaha Collab Hitori

Bocchi the Rock Guitar Yamaha Collab Hitori

While the first season ended just recently, fans can still expect lots of Bocchi the Rock! merch and other cool collabs. The latest is a Bocchi the Rock! and Yamaha collab that features a replica of Hitori’s guitar and more.

As expected, this collab features various real-life musical instruments and equipment that can be seen in the anime.

Bocchi the Rock! x Yamaha Guitar Collab

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Aside from featuring kickass music and loads of band references, Bocchi the Rock! also features real-life instruments and equipment, including guitars, amplifiers, and more. This makes the show a treat for musicians and music lovers in general.

The new Yamaha collab features four brands: Yamaha, Steinberg, Ampeg, and Marshall.

All of these are either Yamaha-owned or handled brands in Japan. Various equipment from these brands can also be seen in the anime.

As part of the collab, the Yamaha website features a list of all items that are featured in the anime.

For starters, Bocchi’s new guitar from the finale is a Yamaha PACIFICA. Meanwhile, Kikuri uses a Yamaha TRB 4-string as her bass guitar of choice.

Other items seen in the anime are the Yamaha Amplifier THR5 and Steinberg Audio interface, both of which are used by Bocchi at home.

There's also an Ampeg and a Marshall amplifier used in the Kessoku Band's live performances.

Character artworks of Bocchi and Kikuri have also been released on the website, both of which are made specifically for this collab.

The said artworks feature the two characters with their respective Yamaha instruments.

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Bocchi's Yamaha PACIFICA Guitar Replica

As a treat for fans, Yamaha created two replicas of Bocchi’s Yamaha PACIFICA which she bought in the finale. These two guitars will be given to two lucky fans in an online lottery.

Fans can join by participating in a Twitter campaign where they must follow the official Yamaha Guitar and Bocchi the Rock! Twitter accounts and retweet the campaign tweet.

Finally, the collab will feature special exhibitions at Yamaha Music stores in Ginza, Namba, and Nagoya.

These exhibitions will feature the actual instruments and equipment that appeared in Bocchi the Rock!

As a bonus, special novelty items and new illustrations will also be distributed to fans who visit the exhibitions.

These exhibitions will happen between January 25 and March 6, 2023.

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Source: Official Yamaha Japan website

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