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Blue Period Episode 4 Release Date and Time, COUNTDOWN, Where to Watch

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In Blue Period Episode 4, Yadora will have to do even more serious work if he's to get into his academy of choice. Tellingly, the episode begins with him doing the still life drawing of a statue. His teacher tells him people tend to start off drawing a face akin to the one they know the most; their own.

This seems to be a metaphor for the whole episode. Yadora did have his moments to shine back in his school's art club, but prep school is much more competitive. Never having painted seriously before that year, he finds himself lacking in many regards. Most of all, he struggles to escape the limits he has created for himself, and try something different. We can't wait to find out if he will make it.

If you can't wait either, keep reading! Below, you'll find our handy guide to Blue Period Episode 4, including its release date, airing time, and more!

Blue Period Episode 4 Recap

Blue Period Episode 4 Release Date and Time
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Credit: Seven Arcs

Yadora and his classmate, Ryuuji Ayukawa head to prep school, where they encounter new acquaintances; Takahashi; a cold, arrogant student who seems to be the distant genius type; and friendly, eccentric Hashida.

Yadora realizes that, for all the good feedback he got at school, he still has a long way to go, as many of his new classmates seem more talented or have much more experience. He's particularly jealous of Takahashi's genius, although Ryuuji advises him against idolizing others.

Over the course of the episode, Yadora attends art galleries, befriends classmates, and tries new things. He still struggles to express just what he wants through his art, but, hopefully, he'll get there. The way things are now, however, he doesn't seem ready to get into TUA. and, since this is his only choice, the stakes are extremely high!

Not only is it exciting to watch Yadora in his art journey, but the other students are interesting to watch as well. Eccentric and ambitious, they aren't constrained by the limits society attempts to set for them; you have to be daring to pursue an art career in the modern world.

Ryuuji's scene was particularly interesting, as we learn that they are a queer person who was assigned male at birth, is attracted to men and presents in a traditionally feminine way. Since Ryuuji is the student closest to our main character, we hope that their identity will be explored in a sensitive and empowering way, as this is something we don't often see done well in anime.

The third episode of Blue Period gave us quite a few things to look forward to!

Blue Period Episode 4 Release Date

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Credit: Seven Arcs

Blue Period Episode 4 has already aired on Netflix on the 23rd of October on Netflix Japan. Outside of Japan, it will be available on Netflix from the 30th of October onwards. Before, Netflix used to mostly host complete shows to binge at once. Therefore, this is an interesting allowance, as we can still catch up with this beautiful work. The newest episodes of other Netflix shows such as Shaman King (2021) are still hard to come by.

Blue Period Episode 4 Release Time

Blue Period Episode 4 Release Date and Time 2
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Credit: Seven Arcs

Blue Period has a slightly different timeline when it comes to Netflix Japan, as Episode 4 has already aired there. The official release date for Episode 4 on Netflix is October 30 outside of Japan. Here are the release times we expect:

  • Pacific Time: 12:00 AM
  • Central Time: 2:00 AM
  • Eastern Time: 3:00 AM
  • British Time: 8:00 AM

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Blue Period Episode 4 COUNTDOWN

Blue Period Episode 4 Countdown

Less than 4 days before Blue Period Episode 4 hits our screens! Meanwhile, you might also want to check out Mieruko-chan and Takt Op. Destiny.

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