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Who Are the Owls in Tokyo Ghoul?

What makes Tokyo Ghoul different from other anime is that it is set in a world where ghouls exist. Ghouls are creatures who look like normal human beings but the difference is that they can only survive by eating human flesh. They try their best to survive by hiding their true identity from society. Whenever they try to find a target or protect themselves from authorities, they use masks or use different names.

Those who have watched the series or read the manga would be familiar with some of the names like Eyepatch which is used by Kaneki Ken. There is also another popular code name that fans might have heard a lot which is Owl. While some might think that Owl is one person, they would be surprised that there are actually other ghouls who used the same code name. In fact, there are four of them.

Who Are the Owls in Tokyo Ghoul?

Who Are the Owls in Tokyo Ghoul?
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Who Are the Owls in Tokyo Ghoul?

The first Owl that was introduced was Yoshimura. He is the owner and manager of Anteiku who took Kaneki in and had him work there. He was first called the One-Eyed Owl even if the true One-Eyed Owl is his daughter. He pretended to be the One-Eyed Owl to protect her and cover up her horrific behavior as he felt that it was his responsibility. After the CCG discovered his true identity, the organization categorized him as the Non-Killing Owl.


Yoshimura’s daughter is Eto Yoshimura, the true One-Eyed Owl. She was the founder of the Aogiri Tree. She was labeled as SSS rating by the CCG for her terrifying attacks. She hides her identity by using the name Sen Takatsuki, who is a famous novelist. The next Owl is Seidou Takizawa who was a low-ranking CCG investigator before he was turned into a ghoul. Commonly known as T-OWL, Takizawa was the first successful One-Eyed Owl made by Kanou.

The last Owl is Amon Koutarou or A-OWL. He was originally a ghoul investigator who fought against Kaneki a couple of times before he was taken by the Aogiri after the Ghoul Suppression Arc. He was a failed version of the One-Eyed Owl but his skills and abilities are unlike any other. He eventually coordinates with Goat and CCG to save Kaneki towards the end of the series and even killed Donato Porpora who controlled Eto’s body after she was defeated by Furuta Nimura.

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