Blue Period Episode 12 Release Date and Time, COUNTDOWN for FINALE

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Blue Period Episode 11 is another stressful for recent or not-so-recent exam takers. Yaguchi's struggle is as mundane as it is relatable, and, like him or hate him, you can't help wishing he'll overcome this.

The 12-episode slice of life anime has already concluded in Japan, and, next week, we get to enjoy the finale as well? Will Yaguchi get in TUA or will he join the ranks of serial exam takers? Is there a third option?


If you can't wait to find out, keep reading. Below, you'll find all you need to know about Blue Period Episode 12, including its release date, airing time, and more so that you can catch up instantly with the season finale!

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Blue Period Episode 11 Recap

Struggling with bad eye pain and dizziness, Yaguchi thinks he won't even make it to the classroom to begin the 3-day exam. Kuwana comes to the rescue, offering to carry his art supplies. Once there, Yaguchi is surprised to find the second exam is a nude portrait - another deceptively simple task he's unsure how to interpret.


To make matters worse, Yaguchi falls asleep for several minutes. This revives him for a bit but he still feels left behind, as he fails to attend prep school. He attacks the next day's task medicated, and feeling slightly better, but as the second day passes as well, he fears his work so far is mediocre. Thinking about his friends' interpretations of art, Yaguchi understands that this isn't so different from the self-portrait he did earlier. With a new idea in mind, he prepares to do something drastic. But will there be enough time for that?

Blue Period Episode 12 Release Date

Blue Period Episode 12 has already aired on Netflix Japan a couple of weeks ago. Those with access to it have already watched the season's finale. We expect Episode 12 to come out on Saturday, January 1 on Netflix.


Blue Period Episode 12 Release Time

Blue Period has a slightly different timeline compared to Japan. Episode 12 has already aired in the Japanese version of Netflix. The official release date for Episode 12 on Netflix elsewhere is currently Saturday, the 1st of January. Here are the release times we expect in different timezones:

  • Pacific Time: 12:00 AM
  • Central Time: 2:00 AM
  • Eastern Time: 3:00 AM
  • British Time: 8:00 AM

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Blue Period Episode 12 COUNTDOWN

Blue Period Episode 12 Countdown


Less than 4 days before Blue Period Episode 10 hits our screens! Meanwhile, you might also want to check out Taisho Otome Fairy Tale and Tesla Note.