Chainsaw Man Creator Defied Censors with Manga's Most Controversial Scene

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Remember that absolutely shocking scene in Chainsaw Man? Sure, the manga is filled with shocking scenes but there is one that was so controversial that it almost tore the fandom apart. Interestingly, Tatsuki Fujimoto decided it was necessary to keep that scene in the chapter despite being warned that it could lead to the manga being flagged by censors!

The revelation was dropped during the Chainsaw Man panel at Jump Festa. During the event, Fujimoto's editor spoke about the controversial scene in Chapter 96, admitting that he warned the mangaka that it might not be suitable for Shonen Jump. Interestingly, Fujimoto simply replied that if the scene is censored, he will simply post it on Twitter.

The scene in question is the fridge scene where Denji is still thinking about his fight with Makima. The hungry Denji goes through a fridge that happens to be filled with leftovers and whips up a delicious meal from all the meat. It is later revealed that the leftovers were actually the chopped up remains of Makima.


Amazingly, Fujimoto made it clear that he will not change the scene. It even came to a point that the mangaka told his editor to hide if he got into trouble for the scene because Fujimoto is planning to hide as well.

As well all know, the controversial Chapter 96 scene was not censored by Shueisha. However, it still managed to cause chaos in the fandom to the point that some fans began to question why they were reading the manga in the first place. Nevertheless, it is proof that Fujimoto will continue to push the boundaries with Chainsaw Man.

It has already been confirmed that the manga is getting a second part. However, Chainsaw Man Part 2 has not yet been given an official release date. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

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