Blue Lock Blaze Battle 3D Mobile Game Announced

Blue Lock Mobile Game Isagi

Blue Lock Mobile Game Isagi

Following the announcement of Season 2 at AnimeJapan 2023, the new Blue Lock Blaze Battle 3D mobile game was announced, and it will be released later this year on iOS and Android.

Because of the show’s popularity, it’s not too surprising to see a video game adaptation, though what’s surprising is that this game is a full-fledged soccer battle game, meaning it will feature 3D graphics.

Typically, video game adaptations of popular anime have simpler graphics with turn-based mechanics, so fans of Blue Lock will be thrilled that a more action-heavy game will be released.

Blue Lock’s Rising Popularity

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Following its premiere in Fall 22, Blue Lock got a decent following. Though a few weeks into the series’ run, its popularity exploded thanks to the events of the World Cup.

During the World Cup, Japan’s national team was put into a group featuring Germany and Spain – two teams that many believed can win the entire tournament.

Despite being underdogs, Japan won over these two countries during the group stage.

Thanks to their win, Japan moved on to the Round of 16 – an impressive showing given their group stage circumstances.

While Japan did not win it all, their performance still made waves, not to mention that it boosted Blue Lock’s popularity.

After all, the anime is all about Japan’s national football team reacting to their 2018 World Cup loss.

Due to the show’s newfound fame, Blue Lock manga sales shot up following the World Cup.

And with the first season’s ending, the series was quickly renewed for a second season as announced at AnimeJapan this weekend.

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Blue Lock Blaze Battle Mobile Game Unveiled

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After AnimeJapan, a new video game adaptation titled Blue Lock Blaze Battle was revealed that’s being developed by game developer BAEL.

While there are not a lot of details released about it, a press release revealed that the game will feature soccer battle gameplay with 3D graphics, as well as a story mode that will let players relive the anime’s story.

A short trailer was also released which you can check out here:

This isn’t the first game in the series though, as a Blue Lock Project: World Champion game was released previously. However, this mobile game isn’t as action-heavy as it’s a soccer simulation title.

Blue Lock Blaze Battle is set to release later this year on Android and iOS in Japan. The game will be free, but there will be in-app purchases.

Currently, there’s no word yet on release plans outside Japan.

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Source: PR Times

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