Do Jaime Reyes and Jenny Kord End Up Together in Blue Beetle?

Jenny Kord showing Ted Kord's Blue Beetle lair
Credit: DC Studios

Jenny Kord showing Ted Kord's Blue Beetle lair
Credit: DC Studios

The Blue Beetle movie may be a superhero film, but it doesn't shy away from reminding moviegoers that Jaime Reyes is still a dashing young singleton who's fresh out of college.

And what better way to explore that newfound freedom than to search for his significant other?

Given the amount of time Jaime Reyes and Jenny Kord spent together in the Blue Beetle movie, it obviously begs the question: do they end up together in the DC flick?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains MAJOR SPOILERS for the Blue Beetle movie, so READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Canonically, Who Does Blue Beetle End Up With In the Comics?

Blue Beetle with mask off
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Credit: DC Studios

Jaime Reyes is the third person to don the Blue Beetle suit and much like other superheroes, his predecessors Dan Garrett (the first Blue Beetle) and Ted Kord (the second Blue Beetle) also had their own damsels in distress.

In DC Comics, Ted Kord dated a scientist named Melody Case during the character's run in the 1980s, while Dan Garrett was depicted to have had a single date with a woman named Diane Howard.

Ted Kord also nearly got romantically involved with Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl but their potential romance was shortlived.

They met in a chat room while Ted was enjoying retirement from his duties as the Scarab hero which also happens to be the time Barbara was re-establishing her superhero identity.

Well, long story short, the relationship went nowhere. Something didn't click. Batgirl decided to fix her relationship with Nightwing, whereas Ted Kord realized he just wants to be friends with her.

The Blue Beetle movie created Jennifer ‘Jenny’ Kord as the daughter of Ted Kord so that the timeline would revolve around Ted’s daughter in continuing her father’s legacy for the blue Scarab.

Before we delve into whether Jaime and Jenny do end up together in the DC flick, let’s take a little trip down Jaime Reyes’ dating history in the comics first.

Canonically, Jaime has only had one romantic interest depicted in the comics. This romantic endeavor took place via Blue Beetle before his Flashpoint iteration happened.

At the time, Jaime dated a woman named Traci Thirteen, the daughter of a sorcerer who leaned on the magical side of the DC Universe.

The two youngsters met when Traci was sent to help Jaime up against Eclipso and as you might have figured out, the two of them formed a relationship after spending some time together.

That is, up until the DC Universe reset happened in Flashpoint.

Now that that’s settled, here’s how Jaime Reyes and Jenny Kord ended up together in Blue Beetle.

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So, Do Jaime Reyes and Jenny Kord End Up Together in DC's Blue Beetle Movie?

Jenny trusts the blue Scarab into Jaime's hands
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Credit: DC Studios

To be clear, Jenny Kord does not canonically exist in DC Comics. Her character was specifically created to become Jaime's love interest in the DC flick.

However, despite not existing in Jaime's comics origins, Jenny kickstarted Jaime's superhero journey in the film.

Jaime Reyes has been infatuated with Jenny Kord since the moment he first set eyes on her in the Kord Industries building.

Granted, he didn't make a good impression on Jenny's aunt, Victoria Kord, but Jenny found him to be quite interesting.

Interesting enough to offer to get him a job or at least an internship under her watch.

The day Jaime decided to take her up on her offer, though, Jenny found herself in a pinch in trying to make sure the blue Scarab artifact doesn't get back into the hands of Vicky and her cronies.

On the same day Jenny needed help securing the Scarab's safety, Jaime was right there waiting for her job offer.

To Jenny, on the other hand, her instinct kicked in that his presence would keep the Scarab safe.

She trusted him with the Scarab while she made her escape in Kord Industries.

However, things surged into chaos when Jaime's family tempted him to open the little Big Belly Burger take-out box, leading the Scarab to 'bond' with his spinal cord.

Jenny helps Jaime get rid of the Blue Beetle
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Credit: DC Studios

Despite breaking the one thing Jenny asked of him, which was to never open the box due to the potential danger the Scarab could do, Jenny was more than willing to help the Reyes family.

She brought Jaime and his uncle Rudy to the secret underground lair of her father's (Ted Kord) Blue Beetle lab in their old home.

Jenny had even revealed to Jaime her past, from losing her mother at a young age to losing her father in her time of need.

Jenny and Jaime shared a moment and nearly kissed before his uncle Rudy interrupted the moment.

Let's not forget that although Jaime's priority was to save and protect his family from getting hurt and killed, he almost got killed trying to look for Jenny.

At the time, Jenny was fighting off her aunt on a helicopter in an attempt to get rid of the Blue Beetle extract Vicky got from Jaime when he was previously detained.

Once everything was in the clear and Jenny managed to restore her position as the new head and owner of Kord Industries, her first move was to visit the Reyes family and promise that they'll be getting their house back.

As for Jaime and Jenny, well, they shared a kiss before Jaime offered her a ride back to work using the Blue Beetle suit.

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What's Next For Jaime and Jenny in Blue Beetle?

Jaime protects Jenny from danger
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Credit: DC Studios

One of the post-credit scenes from Blue Beetle suggests that Jenny Kord's father, Ted Kord, is still alive somewhere.

One of the post-credit scenes from Blue Beetle suggests that Jenny Kord's father, Ted Kord, is still alive somewhere, contrary to Jenny’s belief that her father has been long dead.

After taking back Kord Industries from her evil aunt Vicky Kord, the big twist reveal of Ted Kord being alive could lead to the events of a Blue Beetle sequel.

Seeing as Ted Kord canonically is supposed to train Jaime Reyes as the third legacy holder, we’re most likely looking at an awkward turn of events once Ted and Jenny get their family reunion in Blue Beetle 2.

But who’s to say if Ted would even hinder the happiness of his daughter after disappearing for how many years? We’ll have to wait and see how DC Studios steers this ship into the future.
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