Blue Beetle’s Biggest Weaknesses Explained: The Drawbacks of the Scarab Suit

The blue Scarab fuses with Jaime Reyes for the first time
Credit: DC Studios

The blue Scarab fuses with Jaime Reyes for the first time
Credit: DC Studios

The DC Universe's newest superhero is set to make his debut on the big screen this week, and this article pretty much covers what we know about Blue Beetle’s weaknesses and how Jaime Reyes gained control of the Scarab.

No great superhero comes with zero weaknesses, and Blue Beetle here is no different.

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How Strong is Jamie Reyes’ Blue Beetle?

Blue Beetle in his full transformation
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Credit: DC Studios

Jaime Reyes is the third inheritor of the Blue Beetle suit. He is essentially carrying out the legacy upon ‘accidentally’ having the Scarab artifact (Khaji Da) in his possession.

One of Reyes’ advantages of hailing the Scarab suit is the fact that the suit has already been enhanced and improved before he fused with the artifact.

The two predecessors, Dan Garret and Ted Kord, were geniuses in their lifetime that they tweaked the suit enough to accommodate the new host of the suit.

Thanks to the enhancements Garret and Kord did for the Blue Beetle suit, Jaime must then learn to master how to use the suit according to his strength and abilities.

Have I mentioned Jaime is the youngest Scarab hero among the three? Well, there you go.

To think that he’d be the youngest to hail the suit while also becoming one of the strongest DC heroes at such an early age is worthy of continuing the legacy.

But that’s not all that Jaime should be getting praised for. Of all three, he was also the first to ever fuse with the Scarab, something that Garret and Kord weren’t able to do.

The Scarab’s choice to attach itself to his spine covered Jaime’s body in the same skin and instincts a beetle would naturally possess to survive in the wilderness.

His suit is bulletproof and contains advanced high-tech alien technology that Jaime could spark from his imagination, flies, and even survives in outer space while returning to Earth without a single scratch on him.

The main goal of the Scarab overall is to protect its host from any potential danger and in this case, it’s Jaime Reyes.

As perfectly sustainable and powerful as the Scarab suit sounds, it still comes with a few defects here and there.

Does Blue Beetle Have Any Weaknesses?

The blue Scarab provides Jaime Reyes any weapon he might need in battle
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Credit: DC Studios

You’ve got to keep in mind that when it all comes down to it: Blue Beetle is just a suit. Blue Beetle’s powers come from the suit.

The Blue Beetle suit, after all, came from the ancient Scarab artifact that was founded in an old Egyptian tomb.

The Scarab’s weaknesses include magic and The Reach.

While Blue Beetle can essentially recognize magic, magical creatures, and their abilities, it knows little about how to deflect their effect.

The Scarab has limitations when it comes to analyzing how to defeat magical beings and instead would offer Jaime more powerful weapons it can conjure to fend himself with.

While you would think Jaime was personally chosen to bond physically with the artifact, you also have to consider that the Scarab undeniably has a mind of its own.

In DC Comics, there had been occurrences where the suit malfunctioned. Instead of listening to its symbiotic host, the suit would get easily manipulated by Blue Beetle’s opponents.

The Scarab artifact was created by an alien race known as The Reach. This alien race is known for conquering thousands of worlds throughout the galaxies and part of their plan begins with a Scarab.

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That’s right, Jaime Reyes’s Scarab had grown attached to his spine.

The point of the Scarab’s choice of host is a plan in motion from The Reach to conquer Earth. This is so they could manipulate the symbiote host to surrender themselves as slaves to the alien race.

It doesn’t help that The Reach have one of the most advanced high-tech gadgetry to fend off themselves while utilizing this in exchange for gaining the trust and loyalty of the population of their targeted world.

But worry not, though, because as concerning as it is to have a sentient Scarab attached to your body, the Khaji Da is capable of learning over time.

This brings us to how Jaime Reyes could prevent the Scarab from betraying his symbiote host.

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How Does Jaime Reyes Control the Blue Beetle?

The blue Scarab 'accidentally' falls into Jaime Reyes' hands
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Credit: DC Studios

How do you gain control of a highly advanced sentient being? The answer is as simple as this: Jaime Reyes was chosen for a reason, a reason which will be unveiled once the DC film debuts in theaters.

As previously mentioned, the Scarab artifact’s sentience also comes to its advantage given that he can easily adapt and develop according to his feelings and understanding the more time he spends with Jaime.

So much so that at some point in DC Comics, the Blue Beetle turned against conquering Earth to help Jaime take down The Reach together.

It’ll be quite the sight to see how the DC film plans on executing this on the big screens, but we’ll be sure to keep this article up-to-date once Blue Beetle arrives this August.

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