Should You Watch Blue Beetle in 2D or 3D? All You Need To Know

Jaime Reyes as the third Blue Beetle
Credit: DC Studios

Jaime Reyes as the third Blue Beetle
Credit: DC Studios

Blue Beetle is finally getting his solo film in live-action this week, and you might be considering whether you should watch the DC film in 2D or 3D.

Well, this article is here to help you decide the better way to see the Xolo Maridueña-led film on the big screens.

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What is Blue Beetle About?

The blue Scarab brings Jaime Reyes' imagination to life
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Credit: DC Studios

Starring one of the most long-awaited DC Comic heroes, Blue Beetle, Jaime Reyes discovers the truth behind the blue Scarab he accidentally got his hands on while applying for an internship.

Little did he know, this little aspiration for his future would lead to an even bigger responsibility than he thought: beyond the realms of simply helping his family.

When the blue Scarab he found suddenly attached itself to Jaime’s spine, the kid has to figure out how this ancient artifact changes his destiny as he becomes the superhero, Blue Beetle.

Should You Watch Blue Beetle in 2D?

The Khaji Da protects its symbiotic host, Jaime Reyes
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Credit: DC Studios

Watching any movie in theaters in 2D is pretty much the standard stuff. It’s way more affordable than watching it in 3D in cinemas.

If your main goal here is to sit back, enjoy, and witness Blue Beetle make his DCU debut with fellow moviegoers, then 2D might be your best bet here.

It may not be as immersive as putting on 3D glasses and getting that full 3D cinematic experience complete with crisp audio, but 2D is as close as you can get to watching the flick at home.

Should You Watch Blue Beetle in 3D?

Blue Beetle testing its Scarab suit's limitations
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Credit: DC Studios

Not gonna lie, watching Blue Beetle—or any superhero franchise flicks for that matter—would always be better in 3D.

3D, after all, is the highest standard of quality offered in cinemas.

Considering that the Blue Beetle film includes tons of battle sequences and audience perspective of riding the Khaji Da with Jaime Reyes, then 3D might be for you.

However, don’t forget to consider that watching 3D might be a struggle for some viewers, especially those who wear prescription glasses.

You’d have to wear the 3D glasses on top of it, which could cause headaches or vertigo.

Also, consider that 3D is often only available for a limited time and dependent on which region is screening them.

When weighing options between seeing Blue Beetle in 2D or 3D, feel free to read back on this article.

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So, Should You Watch DC’s Blue Beetle in 2D or 3D?

Kord Industries' very own 'Blue Beetle' suit
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Credit: DC Studios

Essentially, making the choice is entirely up to you as a part of your viewing experience as a part of the audience.

Remember, choosing 2D is the safer and cheaper available option for you if your main preference is to simply enjoy the movie for what it is.

As for 3D, you would have to check in if your local cinemas offer this as there are a few selected regions that are made available for a limited amount of time only.

Again, the decision is yours to make; whether it’s for your comfort or affordability of the ticket and how you plan on experiencing Blue Beetle in live-action on the big screens.

Is Blue Beetle Showing in 3D?

Unfortunately, Blue Beetle is not available to be shown in 3D in cinemas.

Previously, the DC film’s director Angel Manuel Soto unveiled that while Blue Beetle is not screening in 3D, it was filmed with IMAX, which Soto explains is still an 'immersive' experience for the audience (via

“IMAX is the sh*t. It’s the immersive aspect of it. I try to be as immersive as I can, with the projects that I do.
The scope of IMAX allowed you to be swallowed whole into the frame. My relationship with cinema is very spiritual and it almost feels like you can have a physical connection to it.
In the same way that we try our best to bring the audience in and come into this dance, with the story and the characters, IMAX just advances it a little further. It feels like you’re dancing with your partner, instead of just being alone in a room with it.”

This is also to remind you that while the DCU film is not showing in 3D, IMAX screens would be just as good of an experience given its higher quality screen resolution, a close enough resemblance to be 3D.

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