Blue Beetle Movie Villains Explained

Victoria Kord frowning in Blue Beetle
Credit: DC Studios

Victoria Kord frowning in Blue Beetle
Credit: DC Studios

In Blue Beetle, Jaime Reyes unexpectedly finds himself in possession of the Scarab, an ancient relic that chooses him to become its host. This leads to him becoming the superhero Blue Beetle. A hero movie is not complete without a villain. In the Blue Beetle movie, Jaime Reyes deals with more than one villain. Let’s get to know the villains in Blue Beetle!

Who is the Main Villain in the Blue Beetle Movie? Victoria Kord Explained

Blue Beetle movie villain Victoria Kord talking
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Credit: DC Studios

"The scarab chose you, but it belongs to me.” – Victoria Kord to Jaime Reyes

The main villain in the Blue Beetle movie is Victoria Kord. She is the CEO of Kord Industries and the sister of Ted Kord, the second Blue Beetle.

While Victoria Kord was a character created for the movie, she appeared in the comics months prior to the film’s release. Victoria Kord made her comic book debut last February 2023 in Blue Beetle: Graduation Day #2.

In DC Comics, Victoria’s goal is to acquire the scarabs of all Beetles so that she could study them and make some developments for the betterment of mankind.

In Blue Beetle: Graduation Day #4, Victoria tells Ted (via Comic Book Resources):

"That scarab and all alien technology pose a threat to this planet. That's why I've made it my life's mission to study it, to adapt it to benefit mankind."
Victoria Kord looking down
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Credit: DC Studios

In the comics and the movie, Victoria doesn’t think that the Scarab’s power should be wielded by a teenager. In the film, Victoria wants to take the Scarab from Jaime for her own interests, such as the OMAC (One-Man Army Corps) she’s working on.

Talking about her character, actress Susan Sarandon said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that Victoria Kord represents “the theme of imperialism in the name of democracy.” She added:

"My character's really the one who's driving that charade in order to get wealth and uranium and what other natural resources, under the guise of making the world safe for democracy.”

Victoria Kord also resents her brother because the family business was passed on to him. This resentment extends to her niece, Jennifer (Jenny) Kord. In this regard, Sarandon said:

“She's a woman who is very smart and was dedicated to the family business, and then the father gives it to the son, which is a huge shock. On top of that, the son is very irresponsible and basically destroys the fortune that has been built, and then just disappears, leaving her to put the business to sleep. Then she builds it back, but with great resentment because she's been passed over.”

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Blue Beetle Movie Villain Explained: Carapax the Indestructible Man

Carapax the Indestructible Man looking somewhere in Blue Beetle
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Credit: DC Studios

The love you feel for your family makes you weak.” – Carapax to Blue Beetle

Another villain in the Blue Beetle movie is Carapax. Carapax the Indestructible Man serves as Victoria’s right-hand man in the movie. In DC Comics, Conrad Carapax was an archeologist and rival of Dan Garrett, the first Blue Beetle.

He traveled to Pago Island to learn what Garrett had been searching for before he died. He found a laboratory that belonged to Jarvis Kord, Ted’s uncle. When he touched a robot in the lab, it electrocuted him and killed his human body.

His mind was transferred into the robot itself, and this led to him becoming Carapax the Indestructible Man. Carapax has history with all three Blue Beetles. After Garrett’s death, Carapax becomes an enemy of Ted Kord and Jaime Reyes.

Carapax the Indestructible Man suit in Blue Beetle
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Credit: DC Studios

Carapax’s origin story is different in the Blue Beetle movie. In the film, Carapax is a war veteran and experienced lieutenant. He received physical enhancements after he was experimented on by Kord Industries.

He does whatever Victoria asks him to do, and this includes fighting Jaime Reyes. But there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to Carapax. In the film, Carapax has a tragic past.

Talking about the changes in Carapax’s origin story in the movie, actor Raoul Max Trujillo said in an interview with Screen Rant:

“I think Angel wanted to really expose more of the military industrial complex and US imperialism. And along with that just came a need for Carapax to represent something else.
I think in our version, to have him be a man who was taken as a child because the village was destroyed — which happens in all of Mexico and Latin America — is very realistic. Let's go in there, upset governments, and take all their resources. I think that was the take that Angel was interested in telling, in terms of Carapax. That's who he is. He's a product of the American school that was taking young boys and turning them into soldiers and killing machines, if you will. That's what separates us from the other versions that make him more of an archeologist, scientist, computer brained, all that stuff. It's quite a big departure.
Completely new. From hence forward, Carapax; that's going to be his roots.”
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Blue Beetle Movie: Harvey Guillén’s Dr. Sanchez Explained

Blue Beetle movie villains Victoria Kord and Carapax standing, along with Dr. Sanchez
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Credit: DC Studios

In the film, it's clear that Dr. “Sanchez” works for Victoria Kord, not with Victoria Kord. While he follows Victoria’s orders, he hesitates throughout. In fact, he even looks for ways to help Jaime and attempts to convince Victoria not to kill him.

Talking about his character, actor Harvey Guillén told Entertainment Weekly:

"The character was complex. You're loyal to the profession and the job that you have, and you're loyal to being a good person, and you have to make a choice. Sometimes we don't make the choices. We're human. And when given a choice, we might make the wrong one."

A complex character indeed. In the film, you’ll also find out that his name isn’t “Sanchez”. Victoria just chooses to call him that.

You can watch the trailer for Blue Beetle below:

The film's synopsis reads:

Recent college grad Jaime Reyes returns home full of aspirations for his future, only to find that home is not quite as he left it. As he searches to find his purpose in the world, fate intervenes when Jaime unexpectedly finds himself in possession of an ancient relic of alien biotechnology: the Scarab. When the Scarab suddenly chooses Jaime to be its symbiotic host, he is bestowed with an incredible suit of armor capable of extraordinary and unpredictable powers, forever changing his destiny as he becomes the superhero Blue Beetle.

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