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Black Clover's Yuno VA Nobunaga Shimazaki Announces Marriage

Nobunaga Shimazaki Marriage Black Clover Yuno

It seems that the new year is bringing lots of interesting developments for anime voice actors with the announcement of several engagements. The latest one is Black Clover VA Nobunaga Shimazaki who recently announced his marriage.

Shimazaki shared a message to fans about his marriage. Similar to other marriage announcements, his message did not go into much detail about his spouse.

Anime VA Marriage Announcements

black clover yuno marriage
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Typically, anime voice actors make official announcements such as these when they get married or have kids. This contrasts with voice actors (and actors in general) in the West who are typically more casual with reveals such as this.

For anime fans who don’t follow voice acting industry news, it might be a bit unusual to see formal messages such as these. It’s just the way it works in Japan, and there are several theories as to why.

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One possible reason is that anime voice actors are also typically ambassadors for the anime that they’re a part of. Many participate in promotional activities such as stage events and radio shows.

Because of this, fans may tend to form stronger connections with them, meaning big life updates such as these are announced via official messages.

Anime fans have also noticed the tendency of voice actors to be completely private about personal relationships. Because of this, marriage announcements are typically a surprise to many. Some voice actors don’t even announce their marriages entirely.

Nobunaga Shimazaki Marriage Announcement

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Nobunaga Shimazaki is a prolific voice actor who is best known for voicing Yuno in the Black Clover anime.

Shimazaki has also voiced other popular characters over the years, including Shun Kaidou in The Disastrous Life of Saiki K., Haruka Nanase in Free!, Yuki Souma in Fruits Basket, and Mahito in Jujutsu Kaisen, among others.

He is also a notable fan of Fate/Grand Order. Aside from voicing Ritsuka Fujimaru in the game and anime adaptations, Shimazaki is also well-known in the community for being a big spender in the game.

In his announcement of his marriage, he expressed his gratitude to those that support him. He also mentioned that he will continue his career in the voice acting industry.

While no details about his spouse were shared, it can be presumed that his partner is outside the anime industry. This is because when voice actors get married to industry folk, their partners tend to be mentioned.

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