Big Spy x Family Part 2 Announcement Happening on August 28

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Spy x Family Part 2 Anya Forger

As it was one of the biggest shows of Spring 2022, lots of fans are eagerly awaiting the second half of Spy x Family. While there’s no official premiere date yet, the upcoming Spy x Family Part 2 event will reveal new information about the series.

The event was confirmed recently on the official Spy x Family Twitter account. There, it was revealed that the event will be shown on AbemaTV on August 28 at 9 PM JST (8AM ET / 5AM PT).


Specifically, the event will be attended by the show’s voice cast, including Atsumi Tanezaki (Anya Forger), Saori Hayami (Yor Forger), Takuya Eguchi (Loid Forger), Natsumi Fujiwara (Damian Desmond), Kensho Ono (Yuri Briar), and Hiroyuki Yoshino (Franky Franklin).

It was also confirmed that the event will unveil a new key visual for the anime. Though aside from that, no other information has been revealed so far.

It is expected that an official release date will be revealed. After all, the Spy x Family Part 2 is confirmed to premiere in the Fall 2022 season.


Spy x Family is an anime series by Wit Studio and Cloverworks that’s based on the manga of the same name by Tatsuya Endo. The manga started serialization in Shonen Jump+ on March 25, 2019.

Since its release, the manga quickly became a big hit, garnering both critical acclaim and high sales numbers for its volume releases. It became even more popular following the release of the anime.

The series follows Twilight, a spy for the country of Westalis who is tasked to spy on Donovan Desmond, a major political figure in the neighboring country, Ostalia. This mission is integral in preventing a major conflict between the two powers.

In his plan to get close to Desmond, Twilight adopts the alias of Loid Forger, adopts the orphan Anya, and marries city hall clerk Yor Briar. But it turns out that unbeknownst to him, Anya is a telepath while Yor is a professional assassin.


The first cour of Spy x Family aired from April to June 2022. Meanwhile, the second half is expected to release sometime this October.

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